Amsterdam — Dag Drie

Aka, day 3. Using dutch, how very cultural of me.
Although for some reason, I can’t get my head around the fact that Amsterdam is in Holland, and in Holland they speak Dutch.

Usual morning routine complete, and back into the windiest European city I have ever been to. Took the drinks to go this morning.

Obligatory Starbucks picture

Today was the day I had been waiting for. The day we were visiting the infamous ‘sex museum’ (I feel like I should whisper that?) Least to say, it was hilarious. Especially considering I can be pretty immature around stuff like that, and it was extremely funny.

It’s probably not very professional for me to upload any photographs from that outing, but this one I couldn’t resist. I just want anyone who hasn’t been to get a little glimpse at the sort of rediculous memoribillia that is in this place. Only €4 a ticket, I would pay to go again. I would probably pay for a season ticket, because for the amount of giggles I got it would be worth it.

After bribing James with beer, I managed to get him to help with more planning. I love to plan, could you tell? We next headed to the Condomerie, situated on Warmoesstraat. We actually waited in this bar for it to open, as on Sundays it opens at 1pm and we were there at 12pm. It was worth waiting for, as it provided yet more explicit giggles.

You cant take photos inside unfortunately. But we bought some postcards for the family and headed out on our way. We aimed towards the Ann Frank Huis, located in the Western Canals. Unfortunately, it was crazy busy. The sort of crazy busy which means the queue for entry is going around the block and bare in mind, it’s rather cold. Although I was disappointed we abandoned hope of going in. The only regret really in this trip was that all the museums also cost to go in. It sounds a bit cheap of me, but I’m used to them being predominately free in London, so we ended up not going in to the Rijkmuseum or Van Gogh, or the Amsterdam Museum. Just looked from the outside and looked at the beautiful buildings, which was fine by me!

This was actually the train station, but you can see what I mean by beautiful buildings.

Amsterdam is relatively grey, but then again, it is December. I would love to see it in the Summer as well. But when the sun was shining it was beautiful, although the wind was a constant battle. My hair ended up in a top knot for the entirety of the trip.

Sunday evening was our last, so we returned to the hotel and got dressed up for a nice dinner. We first had some drinks in the hotel bar, wine for me, beers for James.

The bar had a little library on the side, which I loved. I have always dreamt of having a library in my house when I’m older. Full of books, like Harry Potter and all the rest. With wine, well that life is one for me.

We made a move for dinner. You guessed it, we ended up in an Italian restuarant. We love Italian. To be honest, there wasn’t a huge, noticeable variety in Amsterdam. James also is a pretty fussy eater, he doens’t like pasta or rice, or chinese food… the list goes on. He likes steak, pizza, and burgers. Dinner was delicious though, and I found my final waffle of the trip for dessert. Once we got back to the hotel we headed up to the Sky Lounge. This is a usual feature of Double Tree hotels, and I’m so pleased because it provides a spectacular view of the city. We only had one cocktail each, as we were tired and they were understandably quite expensive.

Loved the tiki glasses they came in though! Shortly after, we returned to the room and packed our bags for departure the next morning. We reluctantly left the next morning, and headed back to Schiphol Airport where we were delayed… again…! James slept on my lap, I read my book and we finally arrived back in a very bleak Luton.

Can honestly say I miss the city of mad cyclists, trams set on running me over, and relentless wind. But also those beautiful waffles, stunning sunsets and delicious beer.

I had an amazing time in Amsterdam, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who fancies exploring a new city. There is something for everyone, whether its history or art, beer or … coffeeshops. Theres plenty of shopping, loads to see and do, and theres waffles… did I mention waffles? With nutella.

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