Amsterdam — Day 2

Day 2! Up again, bright and early. Well 9am, no where near as early as the previous morning… no chance. Slept like a baby, and felt much better upon waking. Obviously, I had already planned out our day, including map routes, lists and labels. Totally not weird.

Breakfast at the Starbucks downstairs everyday, something that quickly became our most needed morning wake up call. Blueberry muffin and hot chocolate for me, cheese and ham toastie with a Christmas blend coffee for James. More running through plans, accompanied by more sighing from James, and we were off on to the next day of exploration.

We got on the tram and headed down to Rembrandplein, a square which has a Christmas market, apparently. I couldn’t help but feel slightly let down after I was expecting something similar to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It consisted of food stalls and a couple of souveneir stands but nothing spectacular. We explored the general area, and ended up walking through and finding a flea market, alongside a number of nice bars and cafes.

I am not entirely sure what this building was, but it was situated next to the flea market, and it was stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the whole building in, so you’ll have to go check it out for yourself!

As you can see, I really couldn’t help but have a go with the selfie stick whilst we were there, they are really quite fun. Near this area, I think it was Amstelstraat (?) we found a pub which specialised in craft beer. Now, I am not bothered by any of that… but James, well he’s extremely keen. I entertained his excitement and went in, where I allowed him to order me a few drinks to try and I umm’ed and ahh’ed whilst he revelled in everything the barman had to say. To be fair, the beers were tasty, and the bar had their own home brew which was brewed downstairs (quite jazzy)

I especially liked my glass for the second drink. Looked a little less ‘pint’ and a little more ‘posh’. We continued our journeys and when it came to dinner we returned to Rembrandplein and went into an Australian pub/bar/restaurant I dont even know what. It specialised in burgers, James had a kangaroo bacon and cheese and I had a regular beef burger. They were delicious, and at last we enjoyed a genuine PINT of beer. None of this 0.5l rubbish…

James couldn’t finish his burger. I did. This was a fact I wouldn’t let him live down for the rest of the trip. We explored a bit more, then headed back towards the hotel for a little rest as we were exhausted, and it was only 3pm.

By 5pm we had ambled over to Museumplein, where the Rijkmuseum and van Gogh museum were located.

Lots of panorama going on in this area… big buildings and all that

We took some cliche photos with the ‘IAMsterdam’ sign (you couldn’t even see us in the pictures it was so busy) and then headed back towards the Heineken experience.

I’m not in this, so no need to bother looking for me!

I was chuffed to be able to go see the sign though, although James thought it was ‘too touristy’ (bah humbug to him). I said we headed from here straight back to the Heineken experience but we did take a slight detour. By slight I mean huge and by detour I mean waffle hunt. I hadn’t had one yet, and once I had decided it was time, I had to have one. Once my waffle-craving had been satisfied we made it the factory and at €18 a ticket, we didn’t think it was too bad. Included in this was freedom to tour at your own pace, a tasting session, and free beers at the end, followed by a free small Heineken souvenir glass.

There was lots to explore, including the brewing process and the history of the factory and the story behind the brew. James was in his element, and to be fair, I thoroughly enjoyed it too.

Brewing, tasting, infatuated James…

We had our free beers, picked up some gifts and souvenirs and headed on our way. Genuinely a really interesting experience and would recommend to anyone visiting Amsterdam!

Self timer comes in handy

Absolutely exhausted, we hopped on a tram back up to our hotel. A brief rest, showers and a change for the evening, I stupidly allowed James to decide on our dinner location. I should of guessed it would be the super romantic McDonalds… Never will I let him chose again!

He made up for it by taking me to a lovely bar shortly after, called Dante Kitchen & Bar. Dimly lit, with tasty wine and cocktails, surrounded by fair lights and a very relaxed atmosphere, it more then made up for the McDonalds dinner.

Once again, feeling completely defeated we headed back to the hotel for another delightful sleep on the cloud we called bed.

Day 2 = complete.
Freyja = knackered.

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