‘Tell your story…’
Okay then… Hello there!

The basics first of all. My name is Freyja Elizabeth, I am 21 years old and I’m currently studying Media Studies & Event Management at Winchester University, England.

That’s me.
The dream is to be a Disney Princess. Unfortunately, at 5ft 10in I am too tall, and so the next best thing would be to work in Media (anyone want to offer me a job please don’t hesitate)

Home is just outside of London, in a quiet town.
I have moved maybe 10 times in my life, all within the same county thankfully, apart from when moving to Winchester and Portsmouth for University of course.

I have created this blog predominately to keep my travels recorded whilst abroad next year. To show my family and friends, and anyone else who may be interested, what I am up to and allowing them to participate on some level in my adventures. Furthermore, this will act as documentation for my retired Metropolitan Police father that I am most certainly not hitch-hiking, ‘being an idiot’ and more then anything, I am in fact, alive. He has recently been researching the idea of having a tracking device implanted into my arm, so I’m trying to find something halfway between rationality and lunacy.

After graduating, I will be taking the time out to explore the United States and a bit of Canada. It’s something I have always wanted to do, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The main aim is to fly out, work for a month, then travel for 2, or maybe more (depends on how frivolous I am with money) and then return to England to embrace adult life aka get a job. In an ideal world I would land a dream job in the United States, allowing me to never leave, however the world doesn’t work like that and there would be a considerable amount of paper work and waiting in the UK for that to even become a possibility.

I love makeup, and clothes, and being creative. I enjoy watching American Football and I support the Miami Dolphins. Always have and always will.

Heres me, my dad and my brother Seb, pre win, at Wembley this Summer ☺

I also really love eating, and consequently love cooking, baking and going out for food with friends. Or on my own, don’t judge me, if I want Yo Sushi I’m getting some whether you’re coming or not. However, liking food so much, I’ve also had to learn to love being healthy and exercising. I’m currently training to complete my first 10k just before my 22nd birthday next May, and I’ll probably not make it past 1km…

So yeah, that’s me in a nut shell.
Not much else to say really,
If you have anything to say, add or ask please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Ciao for now,
Freyja x

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