San Carlo Cicchetti.
I felt like I was dining in a little slice of Italy

It was a relatively dark restaurant in comparison to others, so my pictures may not be as bright as usual,
But the general ambience of the restaurant is wonderful,
The waiters and hosts are so friendly and helpful, very attentive and funny
My Mum was determined to practise her Italian on them and they were welcoming of her effort, helping her out as well.

My Mum and I always get food to share, so a couple of these pictures will be half portions… as my Mum was too excite to serve up so I didn’t manage to get a picture of the full dish!

So for drink, the obvious choice was a glass of Prosecco

For food, we got a selection of breads with oil and balsamic, and olives and tapenade

(I’m not sure why there is a tomato and lemon on the table but I kind of liked it)
Followed by a mushroom bruschetta (quite a dark photo of my half portion…)

Alongside a tomato and mozzarella salad

Some courgette chips, but thin ones, frites? Either way, I basically ate all of them on my own

And a view of some very handsome Italian chefs…

The restaurant itself was lovely too
A display of fresh breads lined the back, and the front of the store was dressed with a variety of meats and fish

The overall experience of this restaurant was really delightful!
The food was absolutely delicious, and we have kept their card to ensure we visit again. (edit: we have been several times since)

Additionally it wasn’t as expensive as we thought. For this and a macchiato for Mum to finish it cost just under £50 for 2 to eat.
The prosecco was actually the most expensive aspect of the meal, and the menu had a huge variety of food, with pasta, meat or fish, pizzas and plenty of vegetarian options (handy for my veggie Mother) it was actually really difficult to choose!

The waiters don’t pester you, which I love, but at the same time are attentive and quick to get to you when they are needed
Really loved this place and would highly recommend you try it yourself

Check their site out here and find them at 215 Piccadilly, they are literally JUST off of the Piccadilly Circus square

Price: ££
My Rating: 9/10

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