The Bread Shop

St Johns Wood High Street.
This is where you’ll find this gem.

I am so glad I did. As a massively gluttonous girl who thoroughly enjoys anything baked, this was my idea of heaven.

It was baked goods galore and we all struggled to choose what to eat, To the point where Hayely and I both ended up with a croissant and muffin each and there were no regrets.

Not just any muffin might I add. A banana and toffee muffin. A muffin made by the Gods of that I am certain.

£4 for my treats and a bottle of water I was more then impressed. You’d easily pay more then that at Starbucks for something that just wouldn’t taste nearly as good as these lovingly and freshly made delights. The shop has the most delectable scent of bread baking and cakes cooking So delicious I could happily move in there and never leave.

They are consistently bringing out food as soon as it’s ready, such as CHEESE PRETZELS (oh my goodness me)

Not only cheese pretzels but a number of other delights… Hand crafted loaves and rolls, with a variety of flavours and types, Like spelt, protein, wholemeal, white bread, with seeds and nuts and all these wonderful extras, I wanted to try them all.

Then there were the pastries and sweet treats Strudel-like masterpieces stuffed full of juicy apples or succulent berries, Cinnamon buns, custard swirls, donuts and muffins

Basically the most delicious looking food imaginable. They even had fresh made pizzas. Alongside sandwiches, take away gift treats, coffees and teas… Everything.

We chose our delicacies and sat on the in-store bar and munched away. Very little talking was involved as we focussed solely on our breakfast, the odd grunt of approval surfaced but otherwise we were very much involved in our pastries. The conclusion of this visit that if we were to live in France we would all be several stone heavier with many health difficulties, but most likely, it’d be worth it.

This breakfast was followed by a bit of charity shop scrounging, all of us making some superb purchases on a shoe string budget. I highly recommend the charity shops on St Johns Wood High Street, especially the St Johns Hospice store and Cancer Research store You are bound to find some brilliant purchases, often with top brand names at purse friendly prices. B-A-R-G-A-I-N. It’s what student dreams are made of.

So if you don’t trust me in how stunning The Bread Shop is I urge you to take a visit yourself, You’ll find them at 65 St John’s Wood High St and you’ll recognise their blue shopfront a mile off But here’s there site if you want to have a peek…

Price: £ My Rating: 9/10

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