Creating a grassroots movement, for solar, through technology

Mar 15, 2019 · 2 min read

In the present day and age, renewable energy and sustainability are of utmost importance. Using renewable energy such as solar reduces green gas emission. For instance, installing a solar system of 100 kW would indirectly mean planting 1,562 trees or eliminating 137 tons of greenhouse emission annually. The Indian government has set a target of 40GW of solar installations by 2022. However, Indian households have not warmed up to the idea of rooftop due to perceived high upfront costs. In order to achieve the target, the rooftop segment has to double every year in terms of installations, however, it is growing at a meagre 50–60%.

To achieve the government’s target, we will require tremendous grassroots participation, especially on the sales front. This is where we hope that our software, SunPro, will fill the void by accelerating growth of rooftop solar by revolutionising the sales process. A key element is that it allows individuals and micro enterprises to sell solar systems in their community/region. SunPro is India’s first-ever solar business mobile application that was launched in 2017 and has since achieved remarkable success.

Competitive edge

Earlier, the process of capturing the energy requirement, to generate a detailed techno-commercial proposal would take several days to weeks. With SunPro, this entire process is now completed in a few minutes. Additionally, in-built CRM and Data Analytics helps improve business performance.

SunPro — to help you grow your solar business

With SunPro, anyone can set up a solar energy business. Barriers such as lack of technical know-how, capital requirement etc., are completely eliminated. The platform’s simple user interface is backed by complex algorithms that take into account parameters such as — local solar radiation, solar policy, other available energy sources, space availability, financial assistance requirement etc., to identify the best possible solution for any customer.

SunPro’s journey so far

SunPro was conceptualized in 2015 to help Freyr run solar business with ease. In 2017, SunPro v1.0 was released with features that helped with project design, pricing, customer management, supply chain and project management. SunPro v2.0 was released in December 2018 with enhanced features such as improved user interface and user experience, PPA calculations and financing options, marking of area on Google maps, improved PDF proposal template and dynamic component pricing.

The future

SunPro+, christened by Ms Radhika Choudary– our co-founder, will be an enhanced platform that will encompass all the functionalities of the previous versions of SunPro. We expect to launch SunPro+ globally in May 2019 with deployment in one country every two weeks. The platform will allow for customer acquisition with in-built CRM capabilities, accelerated sales cycles, a virtual multi-person team that works 24x7, vendor management, project design and team performance management tool.

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