How does solar work?

Sep 26, 2018 · 2 min read

When sunlight falls on solar modules, the individual cells inside the module help convert sunlight into DC electricity. But, as most of the appliances in our homes run on AC electricity, an inverter is used for the conversion. The output of the electricity. Once the conversion has happened, the output of the inverter which is AC electricity is connected to the mains of your home to allow you to use solar energy.

It is important to note that you can use electricity from your rooftop solar power plant in conjunction with the electricity sourced from your DISCOM. This kind of arrangement is very common as it helps you a payback quicker. However, if you want to go with a system that you use at night time, you must go for a hybrid or an off-grid system. What exactly is that? That brings us to the next section, which is what are the different kinds of solar systems that you can opt for:

1. On-grid System is one of the simplest solar systems. It does not store any energy produced and is apt for sites that have a stable power supply. The unutilised power can be sent to the grid & the power is deducted from your utility bill. This is done with a bi-directional meter commonly known as a net meter. On-grid systems help you save money and recover your investments faster

2. Off-grid systems are best suited for customers who do not have a stable grid power. Here, electricity from the inverter is stored in batteries & used when needed. This ensures you have on-demand power always.

3. Hybrid systems, as the name suggest are grid-tied and also have batteries for storage. These systems can be used to ensure on-demand power and the unutilised power can be sent back to the grid, ensuring you get a faster payback.

Freyr Energy has installed 1000+ such installations and has footprints in India, USA, Singapore, Ghana and Nigeria. To know more, please drop in your details at and we will help you with a free evaluation.

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