The Challa family: championing sustainability through solar

By Sirisha Gade

Challa multi-specialty hospital is well known to many in Hyderabad. The hospital is located in Ameerpet within close proximity to Green Park hotel. Mr. Jayanth Challa, one of our valued customers, was very receptive to the idea of being our first customer case study much to our delight. So, on March 19th, I went to interview Mr. Challa, in his office, at the hospital.

The longevity of the hospital reflects on the numerous files that have been neatly filed into cabinets with handwritten notes on them. A reminder that the hospital has been providing care for its patients since 1984.

I was informed that the Challa family had installed solar panels on their Jubilee Hills home with the help of Freyr. What I did not expect was to be in conversation with someone whose sole goal is to save the environment. In fact, the Challa family has been championing sustainable practices for the past fifteen years. Fifteen years ago, they had installed solar heaters at their hospital and set up a hybrid system at their farm. Apart from the solar installations, they re-cycle water at home. Each litre of water is recycled three times and is used to water the garden. They also refuse to use plastic or engage with anyone who promotes plastic. Through Freyr Energy, they installed a 5kW solar system on their Jubilee Hills home that they now rent out.

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5kW system installed at Jubilee Hills

Mr. Challa understands that solar can be an expensive investment for many and hopes that the government can play a bigger part in consumer awareness and monetary incentives. He strongly believes that the government ‘s involvement will provide the right kind of grassroots engagement that is needed to help the solar sector to grow. He hopes that this will encourage people to engage in one of the most accessible renewable energy sources.

In his own words, solar provides “natural power, it’s in abundance and you do not have to burn something that inevitably adds to the pollution we are already dealing with”. In fact, Mr. Challa talks to his friends and family about the benefits of solar whenever he gets a chance and makes it a point to keep himself up to date on the solar sector.

A personal contact at Freyr Energy ensured Mr. Challa the “personal guarantee” that was a key factor for him. He finds that maintaining the solar panels is quite easy and is looking forward to engaging with Freyr for future projects.

We would like to thank Mr. Jayanth Challa for his time and for the Challa family for being a champion of solar and for trusting Freyr with their solar needs.

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