The Reason I Binge Watched 13 Reasons Why (No Spoiler Alerts)

I’m not a huge television person. It stays off for days at a time, there’s nothing I consider “appointment television” and we have so many remotes that most shows are over before I get everything turned on.

The phrase “I’m not a huge television person” might be a bit of an exaggeration, make that “I’m not a huge network television person”. Network television offers little, there’s news in the morning and evening… if it bleeds it leads, the afternoon is filled with judge shoes….. Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown & Judge Alex and the dramas offer little originality…. Chicago Fire, Chicago Police, Chicago Med and Chicago Meter Maid.

I am a fan of Hulu and NetFlix, and this weekend I binged on the NetFlix original, 13 Reasons Why. A book by Jay Asher that was published in 2007. The 30,000" overview is “A teen finds recordings his crush and classmate made before she tragically ended her life”. If you’re curious Google will gladly give you the 5,000' overview.

I was hooked early in the first episode. While the premise is that a teen does find recordings his crush made before ending her life, it’s more than that. It’s how he comes into possession of those recording, how they are constructed and the twisted path that they lead him down. Since I haven’t read the book, I can’t tell you if it holds true to the authors words, but I can tell you that it will draw you in and run your emotions down that same twisted path.

The reason I was hooked was that it was masterfully presented. My attention span is relatively short, but I stayed glued to my chair for 10 hours straight. Each scene led seamlessly to the next, well done NetFlix.

As someone that’s watched suicide impact members of his family some episodes can be hard to watch. It’s natural for one to wonder and ask questions after a suicide, but sometimes those answers lead to little comfort or peace.

If you’re looking for a show to draw you in, then I encourage you to checkout 13 Reasons Why and see if it make you think. No links in this article, so there’s no spoiler alerts.

If you need help National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1–800–273–8255