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Being part of the activation team was the best choice I did. Although my career is link to technology, I decided not to be part of this area because I also wanted to explore and to enhance my creativity. I thought that if I got engaged with the activities carried on Earth Day, I would be forced to think outside my box in order to provide an activity out of the usual. I’m proud to say that it was both a funny and pleasant experience despite the obstacles and stressful situations I faced. My team was good. Is not a surprise for me to say that the girls were the ones who worked the most. Don’t get me wrong, the boys did their job but they had to be told what to do. It was exhausting to pressure them in order to get their work done, but after all, they showed good results. As previously mentioned, I’m happy I was part of the activation area because my personal creativity grew. Since the beginning I wanted to do something unique. Rather than quizzes and surveys, I wanted to do something that people didn’t knew about or where not familiar with the concept. After watching “Before the Flood” by Leonardo DiCaprio, I realized that little to no people knew about the damage palm oil was causing to our environment.

The day before Earth Day, there was a musical presentation. This was both organized and presented by the music team. I think this presentation, despite being simple, was cosy and sweet. The songs sang talked about taking care of each other and about enjoying the things earth provides to us. On April 26th, there was a video displayed. This video was funny and dynamic because it showed different people (including myself) pretending to be singing a song. It was funny because you got to see how everyone interpreted the song differently by opening more or less their mouth or by making funny faces while singing.

My team wasn’t the only one making activities that day. There was a second one who tried to involve students into different activities with the aim of raising awareness. Their activities took place at the same time ours did so because of it, I wasn’t able to participate on those. Even though I was on my stand explaining and inviting people to participate in our palm oil activity, I participated on the activities that were close to me. I wrote “Planeta Bonito” on the letter D of Earth Day, I planted a tree by entering and researching something on the Ecosia website, and I wrote “Save the Bees” with chalk on the available black board.

It was exciting and beautiful to see how everyone you invited was glad and motivated to participate in the activities. Our main activity consisted in choosing the products you use the most within a week. All products provided to the people contained palm oil. If they chose 4 or less products that had to place a red dot on the planet sculpture, but it the chose 5 to more products the had to place a black dot on the planet provided. Whenever people were told to place a black dot, they got surprised, put a sad face, and prepared themselves to mark the planet with a black stain.

Added to this, we also made small doughs of salt, water, and mass which dried can be perfectly decorated. The idea with this was that using the green and blue paintings, people decorated as they wanted their little world. Whenever they were done, they could transform it into a beautiful necklace by adding a string of thread. Moreover, a black board was available for people to either write a message directed to the planet or draw an image representing the Earth. All we ever wanted was for people to get closer to the beauty of the planet we live in.

Despite all of this being a project and an important grade for my course, it was kind of a responsibility. You see, not because I’m not being graded or seen it means I am not going to help my world be a better place. My duty as a responsible green and digital citizen is to make good despite someone saying how I’m saving the world or not. I consider important that people need to help their planet whether someone is watching or not. I can start by using correctly the trash disposals at my high school and by recycling as much as possible at my house. The recycled material can then be sent into a special centre.

I confess that many times I have thrown my garbage at the wrong trash can, take long showers, and even ride my car more than needed. Despite this, I tell people to throw their garbage in a trash can whenever they don’t. Although this is a small action, I am at least teaching them that there’s people who care about the environment and that the future of our climate and lifestyle is in our hands. The class of Environmental Systems and Societies has taught me that the Earth is slowly dying. I’ve seen plenty of documentaries that explain the fast rate at which everything in the Earth is decaying. With this in mind, I share all important and shocking information to my family for them to realize a little how our planet is doing.

Finally, I would like to add that despite the difficulties my team faced, from the preparation of all the material to the setup of the stand, we did a great job because we raise awareness about something that is not commonly shared within the community. We did this in the most creative way possible in order for them to have a pleasant moment. All the idea of creating a transmedia project about such as important day hadn’t been done before, at least not on Campus Cumbres. I am glad that now people know more about the effect their consumption brings into the planet. We got great results from the classroom as a whole.

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