What does my voice look like?

Blogging and voice. Are they alike? Have we looked enough into a connection between them? Throughout the years, especially this past three ones, I’ve made more writing papers than I’ld like to admit. Yet it’s a challenging way to put our words into paper, the experiences we get from them may be remarkable.

Writing a blog is not easy, especially when creating one that’s shared with others; a group blog. This type of blog requires an open mind within each member of the team in order to accept ideas from others. For instance, this past week we had a project to made which consisted in creating a blog about a topic previously chosen. Our team was conformed with people who loved designing, writing, editing, and drawing. At first, it all started good; everyone was excited to work in areas we knew.

Remember I told you that blogging as a team requires an open mind from each one? In this type of works, ideas from others need to be taken into consideration; whether we like them or not. Within this team, there were those who didn’t accept opinions, they thought they were good enough on their area that instead of polishing ideas from others they stayed with their own. After this, communication between the team started to disappear until it split in two.

The blog I talked before hasn’t being the only one I’ve made. For instance, in many other classes assigments of this type have been applied. Blogging doesn’t require people to be writing, rather, they can express their ideas through photos, small thoughts (Twitter), or videos (Vlog). It all depends on the voice we want to transmit.

Voice. The voice we transmit within a blog or a paper represents how we think, not only about international matters but also about ourselves. The power our voice has its immense. From politicaly deciding who will represent us, to defending ourserlves and expressing a posture we hold.

While blogging, our voice its the key. The key to properly express our ideas and thoughts. By being honest and clear, people are more likely to be identified with what we write rather than with opinions that are held by society.

Creating a blog that properly expresses our voice and our way of thinking, will lead us to success. It is though the power of voice that the world has changed from time to time. A blog is a tiny place in which we can be ourselves without anyone telling us what’s wrong or not. So, if you ever want to start a blog, either from sharing stories or photos, consider two things: the importance of being open minded towards someone working with you so that conflicts can be ceased and the power your voice has to express different opinions so that change can be made.