What will be the future of the grocery shopping experience?

Designing for seamless navigation and check-out between the aisles

I personally always been interested in eating healthy, and I adore going food shopping for special food items, especially when they are locally produced. This is good for your health, and also for the environment. It sometimes feels like a treasure hunt. Some items might seem impossible to find in the store. If there is a complicated exotic recipe you want to try, it sometimes entails you visiting the local fruit and vegetable market stand, and later going into the store to find a specific spice that you barely have heard of.

I tried to combine the main issues for the modern customer while going food shopping — a customer who is trying to:

  1. eat healthily
  2. eat local and local produce
  3. while avoiding a huge checkout line (seamless, digital checkout)

I also combined the service with a connection to local farmers, that often needs to promote their products — which are sold in small batches and sometimes outside the stores in local stands.

The result is an illustrated journey that walks through the steps of Alma, a new customer, and Eric, a returning customer. Both of them have different needs that are met by the service.

I hope you enjoyed this quick concept. If you also have thoughts about how food shopping could look like in the future, I would love to discuss. stenlundfrida@gmail.com