February, It’s 2017.

photo: me.

I can’t remember the last conversation we had. It must have been a few years. The news of her passing formed emotions I hadn’t expected. What is appropriate to feel? Is anything really inappropriate? There was always an emotional connection no matter the distance. She never really gave it a chance, or maybe she did, she just didn’t like what she got in return.

It’s been a few weeks since the news, emotions shift and drive in new directions. When anyone dies, you replay interactions in your mind, and try to discover moments of significance. Maybe it was never about the words spoken, just the feeling when you were together, or apart.

Through sadness, happiness, anger, and anxiety, I turn to music. I’m not alone, the effects of music and art are well documented. My goal is to share this music. To provide playlists filled with songs that move me, and I hope will move you. With that, please enjoy the first installment of my current favorites. Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll come back.

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