The horror of terrorism

Terrorism is a huge problem the world tries to tackle every day. From the terrorism acts in Iraq to somewhere closer to every one of us, does not matter where about in the world we live.

The act of terrorism itself is not an issue just in today’s world and has its roots way older than it might appear. The cause of terrorism nowadays is mainly the nationality and race which is so diverse in our world.

As the number of terroristic attacks is extremely high, the most important question that pops to my mind is people. The harm and consequences caused by every each of such incidents is traumatic and even if it is one person that was hurt, it is more than too much.

According to the information, most of this kind of attacks happen in countries where are no human rights or it is extremely damaged. Three main ways in what terrorism most likely to occur is crucial violence, human rights abuse and political terror.

There are various things that happen in economically unstable countries but there are a lot of horrific attacks even in the places where you would least expect it. The great example of that is a terror attack on Westminster Bridge in London on 22 March. More than 50 people were injured and 5 were killed.

Horror of terrorism is causing harm and pain all over the world so I asked 3 people what they think about it, what scares them the most and how recent events affect their own lives.