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FRANCES NEGRON-MUNTANER! A name to remember! Bravo for such an accurate article! Besides Julia de Burgos, you could have written about our Eugenio Maria de Hostos, one of the most brilliant minds of our Antillian and American lands. We Puertoricans need to be HEARD AND RESPECTED! We should be of more interest to the USA. They OWE IT TO US! Our men and women have fought their wars, died for the country, and held a citizenship WITHOUT THE RIGHT TO VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT WHO SENDS OUR CHILDREN TO WAR!!! SHAME ON THEM! And this is what the country that represents “equality and justice for all” has done to us! Yes, we are their possession; like a car or a low income house! STATEHOOD IS OUR RIGHT! WE’VE EARNED IT!

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