Have you been to Israel?
Aleksey Sundukovskiy

Excuse me but Ashkenazi jews comprise 47.5% of Israel’s jewish population and by the way, it has been proven that Ashkenazi jews are genetically european. So much for the argument that these people were there first…they’re immigrants. They carved a piece of land, pushed everyone out and planted a flag calling it Israel at the expense of the people that were already living there…i.e the palestinians or native arab people. They pushed them to two small areas where they live like prisoners and built a wall around them. A form of concentration camp. The land grab continues to this day building new settlements. Who is more indigenous? an ashkenazi jew, a jew from Egypt, Libya Yemen, etc. or people who have been there for generations and who owned land.

You should cover up your ignorance! And by the way…I’m not arab or have any ties to the arab world

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