Announcing Friends of eBay 008 Summer batch

Friends of eBay
Jul 18, 2017 · 3 min read

We’ve now onboarded our Summer 2017 batch, and I’m excited to finally share the companies in this cohort!

This cycle, we had an overwhelming number diverse and well-developed companies apply and we had to make some tough decisions. Thank you to all of those who applied! I encourage you to try again in September.

Thirteen companies were accepted into this batch, and in this cycle we opened up the program to startups outside of New York with founders joining us from Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Moscow. This batch is focused on companies that are rethinking the future of data-driven products, adtech, and fashion tech. Our 8th cohort includes top performers in data mining, computer vision, and AI powered consumer tools, each reinventing how we shop, sell, discover, and interact with products online.

Friends of eBay exists to support and enable the next wave of technical innovators and entrepreneurs in New York City. We provide office space, mentorship, and have an in-house team of seasoned VCs and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to the 300+ mentors and VCs in our network for their continual support and advocacy of this program.

Please give a warm welcome to our batch. If you are thinking about joining our community as a mentor or future application, don’t be shy — drop us a line!

We look forward to seeing you all at the Demo Day in October.

Batch oo8:


Airmule is on online marketplace that lets travelers sell their luggage space to TSA certified shippers. Senders receive low priced global express shipping while travelers earn money when they fly.

AID: Tech

AID:Tech harnesses the power of blockchain technology to issue digital identities, which are linked to aid, welfare, remittances etc. in a quick efficient manner to underrepresented groups


We make invisible ink to fight counterfeiting. The ink is used to print invisible QR codes onto luxury products. The technology can be used by brands in primary markets to provide assurance to consumers/partners and by consignment platforms to streamline the consignment process.


COSIGN is a platform that allows users to earn money by making the products on their photos ready-to-buy. COSIGN allows users to “tag” items within content they upload to social networks and blog sites & if their followers purchase the items, they receive a commission.


Datalogue automates data preparation using advanced computer vision and natural language processing technologies. Our solutions are packaged into smart data pipelines which enable you to connect to any data store, translate into any data format, and automatically detect and parse ontologies within your data.


DeepMagic is using AI to enable fully autonomous and self-serve retail outlets


HelloAva is a tech-enabled platform that helps individuals discover personalized skincare products and regimen by leveraging a combination of smart learning, AI and dermatologist expertise


AI Assistant that re-imagines and replaces email


Magellan is predictive intelligence for media sales. Our software generates recommendations that tell salespeople which accounts to contact and why


Powered by AI technology, Markable bridges the gap between digital media content and e-commerce, making visual search a reality on every digital photo and video across any platform


Mediagamma, a specialist in AI and Machine Learning solutions, has developed the first enterprise grade reinforcement machine learning (self-learning) platform, delivering machine decisions in under 5 milliseconds for a new class of business problems


Setka is a set of platform agnostic AI powered tools to optimize content creation: ideation, design, process management, reporting and ROI

Tap Heaven

TapHeaven offers the first user acquisition A.I. designed to automate performance campaign management, fraud elimination, and data science across all mobile advertising channels

— Julia

Julia Neznanova,

Program Director, Friends of eBay

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