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Pressrelease 11/3/2019 13:00

Breakthrough in Mining — Grin is coming to Amsterdam

On Tuesday March 26th of 2019 people from all over the world will fly to the capital of the Netherlands to attend the Grin Amsterdam 2019 Conference at Lil’ Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Central Station. Grin Amsterdam 2019 is an event for the latest developments regarding to privacy, blockchains and cryptography.

The event

Not only will several developers from all over the world give presentations about their latest insights. Also will Wilke Trei, researcher from the University of Oldenburg and John Tromp, a renowned computer scientist and member of the Grin Council, talk about their latest invention in the field of mining. For the first time people can see their invention on stage with a demonstration on how miners with less memory can largely eliminate their efficiency backlogs for the primary Grin mining algorithm.


Grin is a new privacy coin build on the Mimblewimble protocol, which launched recently, on January 15th 2019. Grin is different from most new blockchain projects, supporting a fair use policy, where no coins are sold or minted in advance, there is no ico, no team- or advisors rewards and no pre-sale investors.

We see many similarities to the early days of Bitcoin and this has been amplified by the fact that shortly after the launch, Grin has been added as a payment method to Bitcointalk, the very first time anything other than Bitcoin has ever been accepted there.

Grin is coming to Amsterdam on March 26th 2019.

Join the Grin Council members for an evening where you can meet the developers behind Grin and learn about privacy, the benefits of infinite supply, the basics of the Mimblewimble protocol and mining, trading, transacting, and developing with Grin.

Some of the most prolific names from the Grin developing community will be present and join on-stage at the conference:

  • Michael Cordner a.k.a. Yeastplume
  • Daniel Lehnberg
  • John Tromp
  • Jasper van de Maarel
  • Quentin Le Sceller
  • and more…

This evening is all about bringing knowledge together and sharing it for the sake of the developments in the field of anonymity and money. For this reason, the profits of the event will go entirely to the Grin Council development fund.

Grin, better money ツ