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Pressrelease 03/04/2019 12:00

Grin enjoyed Amsterdam on the 26th of March

On Tuesday March 26th of 2019 more than 120 people from around the world gathered in Amsterdam to learn all about Grin, its philosophy and the latest updates on the project.

The event

The event was held at Lil’ Amsterdam, a brand new bar in the Amsterdam Central Station.

Besides the attendees there was a livestream available, that generated 188 unique viewers watching from around the world.


The event kicked off with a speech of Ignotus Peverell, the founder of Grin, who mentioned how important the Dutch community is for the development of Grin.

After the intro by Ignotus, Daniel Lehnberg took the stage. Daniel gave the audience a warm welcome before he presented an introduction about Grin.

Next up was Micheal Cordner a.k.a. Yeastplume, one of the core developers, who talked about the next steps and the future of Grin.

Wilke Trei, researcher from the University of Oldenburg and John Tromp, a renowned computer scientist and member of the Grin Council, talked about their latest invention in the field of mining. For the first time people could see their invention on stage with a demonstration on how miners with less memory can largely eliminate their efficiency backlogs for the primary Grin mining algorithm.

Q&A session

After a short break, it was time for the Q&A session, hosted by Jonathan Knegtel from Blockdata. People from audience and around the world could ask questions. For this Q&A Quentin Le Sceller and Jasper van de Maarel, two other Grin Council members joined the stage alongside Daniel, John and Michael. They closed the evening by answering the question by explaining the thought process by answering a question about the constant emission rate to which John replied: “It was the most easy and fair solution”

Supporting Grin

The evening was financially supported by Bitonic, Lemniscap and 0301 Mining Farm. Bitonic mentioned that they were glad to contribute to the event, and they were pleased with the number of attendees and the quality of the presentation and speakers.

One of the organizers of the event, Floris Bartels, said: “It was a great evening, we all learned a lot and everybody loved the underground feeling of the location. We want to thank the Grin core developers, the people attending and of course the sponsors who made this event possible. We keep supporting Grin wherever we can!”


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