Find beauty in the unexpected

Industrial ruin in Clydebank that has been Frill’d

Coming from an area that was built for Industrial purposes, the land called Clydebank (Scotland) is still full of unexpected places that lie in ruin for people like me to explore and appreciate. Like the habitat above, I travel around my home town everyday, and it doesn't take me long to feel inspired and full of gratitude that I live in a world where Industrialism stands so majesticly against the backdrop of nature (for now).

These daily findings of imperfect places is in fact the soul of Frill Factory and has played a huge role in the person I have become today. I believe all of these rare experiences of finding imperfect beauty has given me the power and originality to take forward my business and most importantly has fed my soul.

Its not just me that believes in embracing the beauty in imperfection, Sarah Akwisombe (no bull blog school) is shouting from her beautifully designed rooftop about the power and influence one can have when approaching business from an edgy, random and unique perspective.

Eric Kessels, in his book ‘failed it’ urges us to seek out the oddities and absurdities in life that actually have great potential to enrich our careers and our lives, giving us that all important USP<<

The world of Set Design & Prop Making utilises the soul by providing an outlet to express and curate what is going on in our imagination.

We are drawn to the quirks and peculiarities that now have a place in the business world and I cannot explain how excited that makes me feel about the future.

The concept of “Frilling things’ is to bring out the innate beauty that people sometimes cannot see, our frills add urban embellishment to give spaces the limelight they deserve, the mission is clear and inclusive and I feel a commitment and duty to give everyone the soul defining experience that Clydebank has given me, with the added frill.

No matter where we are and what were doing, there is always imperfect beauty and unexpected experiences to be had and I urge you for the sake of your soul and perhaps your career to go and experience them. they won’t be there forever, perhaps they will only be there for a second, but there are privileged moments the world wants to share with you, its just a shame that perhaps there wont be any frills to signpost you just yet!!

made with love & frills x

Frill Factory Installation
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