“The Leaf” Health Tracker: Just a Pretty Face? For Now — Yes.
Kelly Moran

I have a new Leaf – have been using/testing it for a few days now. I really do like the aesthetic and the versatility. I even appreciate that the app allows you to tell it where/how you’re wearing the Leaf, which presumably is meant to allow for higher accuracy with the step counts. But… I’ve been comparing the Leaf with my FitBit One (well-known for its accuracy in this category of products, probably because it’s worn at the waist and not on the wrist). And even when wearing both devices for identical periods and in the same location (waist band) I’m finding that the Leaf significantly under-reports my steps. By the end of the day it will be at least a thousand steps out. I read on another user review that the Leaf doesn’t actually begin tracking steps until after 10 minutes of activity. If that’s the case, that would explain the discrepancies and would also explain how, on short tests, the Leaf may register nothing even though the Fitbit (and I) have counted 50 to 100 steps. I hope this is something that Bellabeat sorts out soon. I’m not interested in cycle tracking, sleep monitoring on any of these devices is little more than a novelty, and I’m quite capable of doing breathing exercises on my own, so really it’s the accuracy of the step count that is crucial, without that there’s much less reason to wear the device other than for the alarm features or as jewellery.

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