When Life Throws You A Lemonade Stand

You turn it into a thriving neighborhood corner business.

Or so the saying goes. I have no clue. I’m wrapping my head around the logistics of starting a small press with my buddy Louis (Louis D. Lo Praeste) while realizing that I haven’t a clue about how to start.

In my usual fashion, I’m looking online at everything from small press publishing options to partnership agreements. I am reading voraciously. I am anxious to get started on social media, getting a website launched, and how to make a long-distance partnership work. I am getting ahead of myself.

The truth is, I will be fine. I’m exceptionally privileged in my status as a comfortably middle class white dude with a stable job that affords me lots of time to work on side projects (which Snow Creek Press will invariably be until it takes off, which I just know will be, like, next week, right?). I live in an ultra-connected world and I’m really good at searching Google for the things I don’t know about (which in this case, is nearly everything). And the resources available to me are simply incredible. There’s no reason this can’t work.

I’m not psyching myself out or up — I don’t feel the need for hype in either direction. But I am ramping up for some logistical, admin stuff that just needs to get done before the juggernaut can start rolling: file LLC paperwork, get a logo and website up and running with some copy, figure out what the hell our actual mission is (do we need one? do we want one? yes?), and start talking about our goals.

But I do see this as a lemony-golden opportunity that’s just been tossed at me by my evil twin. Time to grow some lemons.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Purchase a copy of Snow Creek Press’s first publication, a novel by Louis D. LoPraeste entitled Capernaum. If you would like a copy for review, please contact me directly via email or Twitter. You should also go check out Louis’ other writings at Big Thinker.