is it possible to resist and love at the same time? yes. of course. *i’m losing my mind* lol! i’m going to need hip hop and reggae and merengue today, and a little toto “africa” (ol school, alone in my room. i was a kid. with a pick for my afro, singing at the top of my lungs) *shrugs* i’m diverse. american. (ivanka. still, got your back. stay strong. my bejeezus! i wish hillary had won. tough work work work yo! writing is much more intense than tweeting. *work ethic’s pretty dope tho, huh?* i won’t be stopping, till someone changes up all their crazy. or the electoral college is recalled. i’m not trying to live in no fascist country. i’ve been fighting for my freedom. “the revolution is personal”. no more women and children damaged.)

this is music to keep me strong. it’s not personal. no harm to anyone. only love. it’s me. that’s who i am. mixed chic. black and white. with the star of david on her back. i secure the “leper”. donald trump. you’re coming with me. ❤ africa? i mean, erica? lol. you read every word i wrote, donald. thank you. a few black men read too. 400! i love ya’ll dudes! supreme understanding read too! ❤ but most black men? called it trash. *shrugs* good thing for a$ap yams. he’s your saving grace. pray to him. every. single. day. ras baraka? reader! lol paul ryan? reader! wow. couple dudes threatened me with the police. they reading now, like their lives depend on it. and so did my dad. but, my dad’s always been a reader. he’s just starting to learn to listen to women. his daughter? is a really good teacher. ❤ one of my biggest challenges as a teacher? get boys — to read. reading. is fundamental. :)

there are women who read too. “what’s wrong sis?”…black women. first. and then white africans. *shrugs*. i love them all. so much. :)


excellent. not a wasted work day. progress. there is no free ride donald. not sorry. gotta make restorative justice. no wall! and no deportations! baby steps. remember, america’s watching! 1luv. 1love. 1. (ps. anytime you ready to see me care less? i’m here. i will always stand between you and marginalized women. race? irrelevant. have a good evening! ps. i was 41 in this pic. natural beauty. not bad, huh?! righteous living. and a little melanin. but i think it’s the righteous living. ya’ll seen ivanka?! excellent skin! she takes care of herself! no hoe moments. and an excellent husband! great kids! homegirl is whiling out, what are you feeding her?! lol! “pineapple pen!” lmao!)

there is me, not that other dude. this is really, how i roll. righteous.

i trust you, somewhat donald. you know why? because you didn’t abandon any women either. they abandoned you. stick with your immigrant, 5 language speaking, taurus wife, dude. i got your back. your abusive white male friends (including that bannon dude? who looks like no one has bothered to take care of him, at all, in years? he’s a hot mess dirty mess! [i know another dude like that, he happened to be — black] where did you find him?! lol! your policies have to reflect equality for everybody though. i’m a brown woman. and yes. you are africans. this is true.)

i am peace. and love. and i will stand (my man ain’t an american lol. i have no one to hug up to and cuddle up with for strength. at the moment. come christmas dude? i’m tryna make a baby! lmao! no man that i’ve abandoned. ever. in my life. :)

i love hip hop. it’s diverse. and inclusive. everyone is allowed to be a part of it. i never felt rejected, or unwanted. listening to the music? it makes me feel safe, and strong enough to do anything i put my mind to. healing, not harming. thank you artists. there are so many of you. all colors. all walks of life. mainstream to marginalized. much respect to you all. you’re the best! i’m going to listen all day long. and get ready for school tomorrow. it’s a day for hip hop only.

what is hip hop?

basically? it’s when you mix everything? and spit something new out.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” arundhati roy

which is cool. cuz it includes everybody. have a good one.

of course, africa is not burning. it can’t. if africa dies. we all die. i won’t let that happen. no bridges to jump off. just bridges to build. i don’t do walls. deportations. banning muslims (that’s the closest i come to religion, because it is clear about the rights of women. then i burned the book. actually, i burned the torah, the bible, and the qu’raan. because many men don’t get? who the prophets actually were, or, what they were telling you. and, why they were crucified for the message men don’t listen to. that women — are your equals. you are not, and never have been, entitled to more than one. unless you are protecting them. not any man i know. in fact, quite the opposite. i protect men! hey talib! lol!), homophobia, sexism, ableism, misogyny, racism, classism…i don’t do any form of discrimination? at all. and i am so relieved to see that paul ryan, is putting together Massachusetts style health care (one of the best this country has — it’s socialized medicine. on the dl lol) and working on a plan for people in poverty, who deserve to be rewarded for their efforts, cuz they give back to those with less than they have.

paul ryan. i’m going to stand with him. he is a good man. not perfect (what man is? lol) and i’ve never voted for a republican. i’ve always voted green party and libertarians (my family thinks i’m “crazy” but really? i’m issue oriented.) and, i trust men where you don’t have to spread your legs — for them to listen. and care. paul ryan is a real warrior. and it’s obvious, he was disturbed by ayn rand’s, me only. me too dude! i’m down for giving back! so, he’s his own man. *gangsta* so rare.

i’m standing with ras baraka. he’s his own man. the way he has bridged the gap between business and human interests in his city? nothing short of amazing. and, he loves his daughters. has never abandoned them or hung them out to dry. he hasn’t done that to women either. it’s a woman that left him to rot. that’s all he has. girls. (quiet is kept, there’s only one boy grandchild in that entire fam lmao! all women.) much love to you.

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