I’m about to cook. My housemate is dead asleep at this time. I pray the smell does not wake him up. Chinese brocolli w/shiitake and oyster mushrooms . And tempura fried eggplant and summer squash.


Number one question of a black man who cheats.

Two bum niggaz without a license. And car.

Because that’s how you parallel park.

It has nothing to do with men.

It has to do with knowing how to drive. In real life.

Is your bear still mad that I called his digusting ass — fat.

That makes 2 of you.

Something you can toast your urine wit his bourbon to.


Nope! We cannot!

They’ll teach you a lesson in prison, about raping women.

Keep your ass right there. Until they tell you you can go. I’m sorry your mama was a hoe too busy to raise you. But not every woman is your mama.


And throw her hoe ass in there too.

This is really her. Definitely no empathy at all. And no sympathy either.


Correct! Sort of. I’ve watched plenty of men in tennis.

Again you brainwashed pigeon. This was not about — men. This was about a black woman. And a mixed black woman.

And tension between the two.

Sit yo ass — down!

I’m — better — than you.


You do — not — know me.

When I said that my dad used to yell:

ERICA! Hurry up! He’s going crazy again!

And I would run in? Excited!

Like John McEnroe is the best part of tennis!

That’s exactly what I meant!

I remember this so well! Lol!


My beef is not over Serena losing her cool. It’s with who! She’s — never — done that before. It would have been entertaining. If it was not a mixed black woman who clearly has stated that Serena is her tennis role model.

And then to go on about — women’s — rights. People booing her. Naomi feeling uncomfortable. Never having even been on a talk show…

Like, that shit is



That’s what’s going to happen to her daughter.



No. She’s with him and her daughter right now.


Mind your fuckin business!


And what happened.

I mean, it’s kinda boring. It’s great to play. But to watch? Eh.

I like this:



The black white supremacists are the worst. I had a great job. I was social. My family and friends were all intact. I was traveling. Chillin. Just doin me. Minding my business. Helpin the kids and other oppressed black women. I was really in a good place.

Waiting for the right man —


But you know, I’m not hiv positive. So I was not allowed to have happiness.

I was so friendly and nice to people. You could ask me for anything. And I was no problem! I mean I was handing out money left and right!


New me! New happy!

Gettin it back. Better than ever!

Remy Ma.

You are awoken!



Top five rappers of — all — time:



(He’s old enough to be your father tho. 🙄 lol)

Do not call me “mandie”. 🤬

Paul Ryan. Quietly.

(If! You take responsibility for your actions. And? I agree.)

1977. Protesting for the rights of Palestinians.

On my dad’s shoulders.


I was 4.

What I remember was a sign.

Because I was reading whole books. At 3.

Something about the

Terrorist and Bandit state of Israel.

No American blood.

I want Remy Ma to be the main host. And the other dude ( excuse me I don’t know your name 🤷🏾‍♀️) to be the co host.

I don’t see the point of the other two people.

Remy Ma is keepin it real. Of course she would. She’s not fake.

I really would like to hear her discuss motherhood in hip hop culture. And bring on good and bad mothers.

Jada. Excellent mother.

Cardi. Horrible mother.

And allow them to have a discussion. And the dude can ask some parenting advice. And then he can bring on fathers.

Will Smith. Excellent father.

YG. Horrible father.

And they can do the same kind of thing with him facilitating questions. And Remy moderating.

I agree! 7hunnid!

Listen you black fubu hoe from the suburbs. This is about keepin it real.

You are — not — real.

You probably started listening to rap music when drake came out.

Remy Ma went to jail over drugs. You dumb hoe! She did not shoot any black women.

Do not slander her name! 🤬

Just shut up. You obviously did not read what was written.

BLACK WOMEN do live the life they talk about. We shouldn’t have to. But it’s true!

You have no direct link to the streets. That’s — your — problem.

You have never dealt with any form of violence. And you are completely misinformed. Which is obvious from your erroneous response.

Zip it!



That made me smile. But don’t try and be my friend. I don’t trust black men.

You have to have been my friend since I was a teen. For me to believe anything you say.

These are my — real — friends.

Black men. I’ve known them since I was 12.

I’m 45.




Jersey is all set.

Just sell your shirts and get gangbanged.

Everybody’s with your boyfriend.


All you are worth.

Common side whore.

Exactly! A big time slut!

Bigger than the team. Mad niggaz in the NFL have hit that.


It’s okay.

Treat everybody extra well. Set the tone.


Just the idea that a hoe needs 10 people to help her find an apartment in 19 days. Is funny to me. When I needed an apartment in a week? I went straight to the hood in Holyoke. I got the cutest one bedroom. With all original detail. Old ass building. Sanded the floors and painted the walls myself.


I lived there for 4 years. My landlord loved me. He gave me my deposit back with interest. And after the first year? Took 20% off my rent because I was such a great tenant.

It did — not — have all the amenities I wanted. I parked on the street. I had a fire escape instead of a yard.

But it had a gas stove and hardwood floors. And a porch.

Excellent for — one — person with no children. You can buy a pullout for when you earn overnight visitation. From his dad.

People with needs, not demands.

I think about.

I get rattled by petty irrelevant hoes. Talkin some trash. Like they know me like that. Or tryna interfere in my shit.

I’m very calm in crises situations.

I think it’s a teaching thing. People have always remarked on how focused I become. Like, calm.

The eye of the storm.

It had to be. We’re dealing with a very angry man. Dreamers and their hoes. I mean, who was fuckin him?

Wasn’t me. For sure.

I don’t hoe.

It’s very difficult to intimidate me. Even with a .9 to my head. I just kneeled there. With my hands on the back of my neck. And focused on grinding my knees deeper into the pavement for the pain factor. Focused.

I absolutely do!

Why do you think I will never be any man’s bed wench.

I’ve — never — been a hoe bitch gettin fucked on the flo. The last time I got “snuck through the back door”? Was in high school. With my monogamous boyfriend. During free block. We had our schedules arranged so that we had two free blocks then lunch. Like 3 hours. Walked a mile. Handled our business. Took a shower. Walked a mile back. To class.

5 days a week.

I was treated like complete royalty. He knew how beautiful and intelligent I am.

In boys plaid shorts from the gap. Chucks. Men’s v neck oversized white tees. My wedge haircut I did myself. No makeup. Ever. Lipstick. Except for prom. The only time he ever saw me in a dress. I almost didn’t go because I did not want to wear a dress. It was a huge production. Lol!

Excellent everyday style. Lots of compliments on how I rocked my gear. Very original.

Like wow! For prom:


I would call him when I got home? We’d talk all night long. And fall asleep on the phone.

Come on hoes.


I’m not the one for that mess.


Time to get boo’d up.

Stop hoein.

You gotta be tough. I’m prepared. I’ve been through more emotional abuse in the last 6 years? Than virtually everybody in this country.

Listen to the lyrics.

Was that before or after he bought you this? Because Paul Ryan basically called you the “office tail”.


Hopefully more women who care about kids will become surrogate parents.

I had this whole plan with YG. It was really well thought out and detailed. I didn’t even want the money he made off abusing me. I wanted him to reinvest…But you know…

No no no.

That nigga calls you the

Loch Ness Monster. On this track:

Flats. Cape Flats.

And ATL? Has a group named in your honor.

The Lockness Carnival.

I don’t want any new friends.

Unless you are white.

I mean white skin.

Are you white?

Emperor atheist!


You know his wife loves him! Like, I don’t even have to tell you 666 times — I want seafood.

Maybe not. Not if he’s talkin about never dating a theist again. And his peoples are all online cuz he travels a lot.


Excellent boyfriend!

That’s a white man, Yessie.

He is a keeper!


Of course.

And you can tell by his smug look. He instigated that shit.


Still living!

She like, those fingers better be crunched up. I don’t want to see a four. Or a one.


You are mad lucky it is part of my ethos not to call the police on black men.


6 fingers.

Fix your eyebrows. You in LA. Just go to Hollywood. Where all the fake people live. I’m sure you can find someone to fix that arch.

Or maybe Fenty. That should do the trickkk.

Or use a filter.

Lil bitch.

Happy birthday Donette!

Look at him trying to cover his ass. For his own mistakes. My man’s family has nothing to do with 9/11. You xenophobic racist ass black man.

I was working with homeless pregnant and parenting teens. Double shifts. I woke up shocked. Like this can’t be real. (I had a tv then. I was like, these hoes have taken reality tv too far. Little did I know…😒)


Then? I started screaming. I lost total control. Like omg! Started calling people. Ran out on the street. Collapsed.

But you know how niggaz are.


I been shot at, thrown in prison over some bullshit. I got hiv. And herpes from a hoe. My baby mama is all up my ass. My mother needs money for rent. Her new boyfriend is an asshole. My kid got some problem in school. I gotta go talk to his teacher. Like, that’s mad fucked up.

Wanna smoke a blunt? You are hysterical. Calm down. It’s not the end of the world.

And my housemate? Just kept on workin. I asked him to come home cuz I needed a hug. And he told me to stop being a baby and hug my body pillow. He was on a deadline. I mean, America can’t stop functioning despite tragedy.

Can’t stop won’t stop.

You can apologize for that implication. That was nasty as fuck. For no reason. Everything I write is justified. In response to other people’s bullshit.

And no. You ain’t gettin a gift.


Like I said, I don’t date black men. Monogamy works for me.

A woman.

He loved his “wretched women”.

For the exact opposite reasons though.

He was such a hoe.

I couldn’t stand Amiri Baraka in high school. I was like, why are you lying about that white woman in *the dutchman*. That was him, abusing her.

The idea of physically teaching. Outside of this? And with the kids in my hood, outside of school. Makes me nauseous.

I only want one student. Really.

My husband.

Hassan Jameel.

He respects me. You only have to say things? Once, twice, maybe three times. Tops.

If you have a man like that? Who makes your life easier.

Stand tall!

Hey. Whatever works on a


Just thinking of intimacy with a black man makes me sick!

I don’t date black men. So I do not have to go through this.

The REAL blessing!

That is quite the put a nigga in check!


To this:

He got severe special needs now!


From this:

To this:

You are — not — my man. I just need you to know. You had your chance.


(If you need any proof of what I went through? It’s all documented in this blog. My love, and unconditional support.)

Were you the person who gave hiv to my girl at Howard?

I mean LA.

I wasn’t invited.

What do you mean by “pretty ass”

I am so into monogamy. And BITCHES!

Strong women!

Me: how do you feel about being called a bitch?

Natalia: that’s a weak man’s code word for a strong woman.

Is their something wrong with BLACK people wearing hoodies in dark alley’s eating sandwiches? Wit their niggaz?

If so?

You just gonna have to arrest me.

I wasn’t aware there was a curfew. A ban on hoodies. Sandwiches. Weed. And drinks.

Would you rather us all be naked? Passing around STD’s? Raping people? Maybe?

Non consent to that permanent syphilis.



(If I find out anyone has this shit and has passed it around in my 4 block radius? It’s — not — going to be a good situation. My people’s ALL KNOW to use condoms. Especially with a hoe.

Oh yeah. Suckin your tiny penis? Is not a protection.)


Don’t you hoes come near me.

You unevolved. And nasty.

Go to twitter. Lots of hoes.

Just let your wife know!

I love her! She’s so dope!

Another nigga wit 4 fingers. 🤬

I know, right!



Me too! I cannot stand biters! Sampling is different.

Then again. You could not handle a class of 12 kids with severe autism for more than 7 minutes.





You forgot the “e” on knowledge.

Know the ledge.

I take — no responsibility — for who you decided to have sex with.

Most men don’t listen to good women anyway. We can be far more educated and well read than them. Still? No listening. Especially black men.

Women don’t either.

Yes. Your actions.


I don’t do hook ups online. I have never had sex with someone I met online.


It’s a mama papa issue.


They’ve got to be secure enough in themselves to make no excuses for their partners or their kids.

Their actions.

My kids don’t have those problems.



Better than decapitation.


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