not in my name — trujillo.

no one’s laughing. believe it. some of us have been crying, and struggling, for years and years and years…and only a few listened, or cared. you weren’t interested. you weren’t interested in not hurting others. too busy interfering in their lives and relationships. laughing. mocking. bullying. manipulating. lying. cheating. stealing. all. about. you. and how you could take what you wanted and discard people. because, some people’s lives don’t matter at all. some of ya’ll, still ain’t quit doing it.

this is what happens when you reach out, and only a few care. i tried it. many, many times. and i’m not “running away with him”, he ain’t running either. he has a family and kids to support. neither is the other, he’s got work. they will not be touched. because, love though. remember that? the real, in your face kind of love? that helps, not harms?

try not to send private emails around the world. destroying people’s lives. it’s called — bullying. and sometimes, it backfires, and the bullies get bullied. and run. escape into imagination. that doesn’t work for me. i’m an earth sign. fully grounded in reality. and i don’t like running away from things. things i didn’t create but will stand and fight against. things i don’t believe in. unlike most bullies. it’s elementary school.

i’m going to show what forgiveness looks like. so that someone learns not to take his anger at the bullying, out on the world. am i mad at a few of those folks? of course. they tried to destroy my life, and the lives of marginalized folks. been torturing people for decades and calling it “art” — legends— for no reason but selfishness and greed and not appreciating what they have. such easy lives they lead. other people? out here struggling. working hard on their own merits, for every last penny. no hoe moments. no other people’s husbands/girlfriends. no entitlement. none of it.

do i align with my students? 100%. they’re actually — my life — not a video. not a poem. not an afterschool program for “educators”. not a tweet.

best i can do to correct other’s mistakes?

women, kids, and immigrants in the US — documented or undocumented — are off limits. as are hip hop artists. and folks who love the culture — genuinely, with no hoe moments. just hard work, coming from no entitlement, to build their enterprises. 400%.

i will not be moved.

do your part to correct your mistakes. don’t run away now. back home yet? or still safe in another country? lol

bravery, in the face of fascism. be careful not to be: bipolar. or to struggle. or to have pain. or to write through it. be careful not to ignore it when someone is begging and pleading for you to come correct.

people abuse it.

fight back.

i may be bipolar. i may struggle. i may be marginalized. i may have pain. i may be a good writer. i may be all those things.

let me tell you what i am not: i am not a woman who lies, cheats, or steals. i am not a woman who intentionally hurts anyone. i am not a woman who leaves the suffering to rot. i am not a woman who turns her back on others in need. i am not a woman who doesn’t apologize for my mistakes. i am not a woman who abandons anybody. and i am no coward.

i am the exact opposite of donald trump. some of ya’ll? not so much.

i’m a good woman. every man i’ve loved? can attest to this. a really good human being.

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