Isn’t Mariah Carey mixed black? I mean, I know she’s maaaaaad shady.

But I do think she’s a white passing mixed black chic.

I stopped doing relaxers when I was 17. Hip Hop was on that black power, be yourself tip. Real natural. Clean eating. Healthy living. You must have missed it. I don’t think they were playing too much of that in the club. I didn’t. I was at home. Books on the bed. Voraciously reading. Applying to colleges. Listening to my Sony yellow 💧 proof sports Walkman.

AFRO Latino. Mixed black. Peruvian American mom. African American dad. And if he grows up to be a hoe?? It will be because his mother allowed herself to be treated like one. Did not put her foot up a niggaz ass. And women, like the big mouth black woman above?

Cape for prostitution!! Not for education!

I have seen no men attacking her. Have ya’ll?


I think you mean — Mariah — never grew up. Every nigga she’s collabed with? Has hit that. It’s “art”.

Just like Jay Z has — pimped — Beyoncé. And she allows it. While he continues to cheat. On the DL. Or not. She gets him niggaz. And they both fuck her. Together.

She just did that shady shit a couple of weeks ago. That’s why she’s dressed like this.

Beyoncé has no sistahood code. At all.

I reached out to Beyoncé privately. No response. The abuse doesn’t stop.

See the boots? Booty shorts? And long straight hair?

It’s because Jay Z? Wanted to fuck YG.

He’s a sexual predator, a consistent harasser, and an abuser. Like Beyoncé.

And YG said — -what? I’m not gay. I’m not interested in fuckin Beyoncé.

That’s not YG. The man. You Dummies.

It’s a song. Art.

J. Lo is a grown ass independent woman who never hoed for anything she has. And that’s why you’re mad.

Diddy really fucked that up.



You’re perfect for me. YG.

You, and your mixed black — harmony.