Founders Library, in the stacks. Is a cool quiet place to work. Hopefully no one is having sex in them. Like they used to.


Lil bonobos calling me a prude. Why’s that? Cuz I actually have sex in my dorm room and ya’ll in the caf tryna finger fuck over porkchops?


You can also try UDC. Public university so by law, they have to let you in.

Or the library of congress. Err’body can get in. No problem. Even, black people. I think. You’ll have to ask Donald Dickhead. Never know. That might be a new policy. If he can’t read well. No black people can either

I gotta get this shit done. Or I will be here till 7.

Peace and harmony. Crazies.


Cuz you a hoe who lies on people, cheats, and helps your whore to steal. Like anyone want to catch anything from that skank trash bitch.

She thinks it’s funny to infect men with HIV!! She is a walking hip hop epidemic, using her fat booty, and thick legs, and makeup and fake Rasta hairdo to do that shit. “We got fly hair”. Who the fuck cares?

Orgies. She was laughing about picking up some trash men. She cannot stop fucking. She’s an insatiable sociopath.

Complete craziness!!

I am defending Ben Shapiro not because I agree with all his positions but because he is respectful of his wife and women. He’s not no piece of shit who is out here calling people who never did a thing to him coons, hos, and some more trash.

Stop wining. You chose to be wit that hoe. No one told you to support her trash lifestyle. I don’t support her treatment of men. Or the fact that her kid is fatherless — by her choice. Not his. I don’t fuck with women like that. I know women who get cheated on, not the other way around, and their kids still have their fathers.

They deserve all the respect. Not no hoes who cheat on them.

For the record, I love Barack Obama. (Can’t even say that shit without his wife thinking I want that man) as a president! He did an incredible job. Turns out (no surprise there 😒), that was mostly First Lady (not first hoe!! First LADY) Michelle. So, give her ALL THE GOLD! for putting up with his bullshit!! Before she gets herself a new man and you crying like my Dominican ex is. Stuck, for life, wit some telenovela chic. Who’s kids, I’m supporting while she watches tv all day and eats 🐷 🐷 . It shows, 2 lol!

Irma don’t got me anxious. Let’s all pray she hits one crib only and knocks that hoe out her rocking chair. So she has to move! Talking some trash about struggling to get from the bedroom to the kitchen. We all depressed! Damn! Get yo ass up and smile at the next man who tells you you look good

Him: damn you fine.

Her: men are trash.

Him: well fuck you 2 bitch.

Just be nice to the nigga and keep walkin! Where is all this “street harassment” at? A man asking you if you got a man? Wants to know where that ring is? Just tell him you are an alien visiting from another solar system, and you don’t have a vagina. You have sex through your eyeballs. By looking.

All these single straight men who like women, and ya’ll fuckin with some poly DL hoes. Nah.

That nigga will leave you alone. Just like you want.


No one is a robot Amy. I’m a human being. So is YG. And we collab. Because we have a lot of respect and love for each other. Robots don’t collab. They copy.

Please don’t disrespect me. And mind ya business. No one cares that Deray blows up your mentions.

Deray still wearing that blue vest to make money off black and brown death. Zero respect. He started off righteously protesting the murder of Mike Brown. Ditto!

Then he got linked to Shaun King. Who is really not a good human being. And it was all downhill. A couple hoes in the DM’s. And life as you know it? Over with. Stop running from your shit. Face it. Like a man!

Much respect!


Be indigenous. A two spirit person. Who everyone thought was a man. Until she turned into a woman. And then, oh shit!

Eric is Erica. 🤔

And has spread HIV to nobody!

Say it ain’t so!

(Deray of hoe.)

(I would take a picture of my real vagina. But I’m at school. And the hoes will get vaginoplasty to copy that as well.)

Here, feel good about your own selves. Some men love vaginas. And women. That everyone ain’t been in. Lol

Anything else jobless Deray? Upset you don’t have one of these — naturally. That’s okay. It’s okay to be a man. In the body you were born in.

(Do you need free bagels? Ben Shapiro? Can you buy Deray a bagel? But if you’re trying to convince Kupels, that independent small business, to give away free food? Why don’t you start with Walmart — Deray of hoe. They waste more food than any independent small business. in addition to their massive pollution of the environment. And I don’t do business with them. They discriminate against black people and women. Ya’ll shop at Walmart. Black twitter. 😒 I won’t.

And I don’t drink koolaid. Anymore. It’s sugar and food coloring. I know, so not “black” to not drink koolaid. I’n tryna get off the coke. On a regular basis. A luxury. The drink. Not the shit ya’ll “black” people sniff in the club. After fucking in the open in the bathroom. Nor do I pour anything in people’s alcohol koolaid to kill them. Ya’ll doing a pretty good job of killing each other all by yourselves. Congrats on your Nazi actions. And lifestyles. I’m no Nazi. So, no. All that hoeing. I’m only supporting kids who had no choice about it. And people who made honest mistakes. Not calculated murderers. Because,

A) born HIV positive before treatment.

B) had a hoe moment mommy who could have prevented it. But thought, this is cool!! Let my kid suffer too!!

Get ya tubes tied. Thank you!)

We don’t run shit. If you haven’t noticed. You, tweet. And shit don’t seem to be getting better for anybody. Except hoes. Who spread HIV. A small minority of humanity. And mostly Americans. Enough. Use condoms. Or keep your legs shut.

That is not my dream. A whole nation of people suffering from HIV. My dream is a healthy happy humanity. And healthy happy children. A clean environment. A good education. Clean water. Healthy food (easy on the meat — pure gluttony), and solar energy.

Have a great day. I have new *anchor* charts to make.

Teachers are awesome sharers!

For free!

While listening to this:

No lying, cheating, stealing hoes allowed.


Once “annoying” Trudi Ann’s entire crib get swept away by Hurricane Irma



(So glad my man’s out that bitch. I can’t stand Florida. “Go for vacation, leave on probation” for a joint! 😡)


That real GLOBAL WARMING water. She can start a youcaring 😒. And I will donate so she can get some socks, tee shirts and clean water. Lol


And a new dildo. One. You don’t need 3. (I don’t need any. I don’t use those. 😒)




Mural art! My dad — collectively — worked on that.

Taino gods!

They spelled his name wrong tho. 😒 But I’m glad they restored it. It’s on the back of the building where my first — JOB — at 14 was at. You know what a job is? It’s when you work at 7/11. And write all original poetry based off your own creativity, and life — only. That seeks to not lie on anybody. But turn them into heroes. Which reminds me of my sci fi middle school novel…maybe I’ll get a fellowship in the woods where no hoes are allowed. And no men tell me they’ll ruin my poetry career if they can’t get no pussy (ya can’t hoes!! Lol!) And work on my all original novel that shows LOVE for my…never mind you hoes will try and steal my idea. I’ll just share it, privately, with my man!


Deray, please. 😒 No one is happy alone. Unless they partner dies of old age and no one else compares. But Beyoncé. To Mr. Stan anyway. And even he wasn’t happy alone. Which is why he lived wit my auntie. And loved up lil Bilal. Same thing with my housemate’s mom and dad. She has Alzheimer’s and that nigga loves his wife so much? Even though she wouldn’t know the difference. He still works, at 80, to keep her out of a nursing home.

Evolved homo sapien sapiens! And they are white men! Shocking!

Oversupply of bread? Ummmm…don’t bake so much of it. Give it to hungry people?

Feed pigeons. Those dirty birds gotta eat 2.

You’re so annoying Deray. See you still wearing that death money vest with your bobblehead in the sun.

Don’t arrest nurses for providing their patients with care. In the psyche ward that 75% of black twitter needs to be in. Looking at me like I’m crazy. Start with Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. The two hip hop hoes I never met, and hopefully never will have to. Cuz all they’ll get is a black ass whoopin. Make some art about that. Based off a real original experience.

Getting the Shaun King

(Shaun? Wanna tell the public how you got your ass whooped again? Car accident? “Racist” mob? Or you fuckin wit some white hip hop dude’s high school girlfriend? That seems like the most — honest — explanation.)


When your man is a really good dude tho. He loves you just the way you are and you don’t have to worry bout no hoes. Men like that are very rare.

You men are going to be the death of women you claim to love so much.

Prove it.

Through your actions. Cuz most of ya’ll just a bunch of talk. And no one’s interested in you talking/rapping/singing about it.



(another uncreative hoe. 😒 Talking some mess about heroes being gang leaders. No. Sheroes are good women who teach men how they will be treated and stand by they man through thick and thin. No hoe moments. Try that shit. Impossible for most of you hoes to keep your legs closed. And then you wonder why men don’t respect women? You. Ya hoes. So don’t complain about how men treat you if all you do is lie to them, cheat on them, and try and steal my delivery money to get your hair done to go have drinks wit ya hoe ass “friends” so you can lie to and cheat on your man. Better watch that nigga for ya hoe ass “friends” start riding his dilznick 2. 😒)

(And too bad you want some “dead red”. My man ain’t dying. He’s actually healthier than he’s ever been.

Cuz he listens when I tell him what is best for him.

And you ain’t gettin none ya skank trash bitch, tryna snake another woman’s man. Fugly hoe. Can’t even show your face to the world cuz ya know ya sheisty as fuck 2. How many men you infected wit HIV? Huh?

Which is why Beyoncé has her face down on the cover of her *lemonade* album. Cuz she know she wrong. Least she don’t try and fuck wit my man. Or my ex’s.

Who have women!

And Beyoncé doesn’t cheat on her man. Neither does Michelle Obama. Those niggaz are lucky as fuck. Those women can have almost any man they want. Dumb ass men. I’m so sick of your trash asses!!

So, she’s forgiven. 🤗)

I’m out. Private message. Then school stuff. Kids ain’t here till the 7th.



Sit wit this…you are obsessed with celebrity. All I see is insecurity.

Correction: The most famous black women on the planet. With money.

The most powerful women on the planet do not have to gank a Somali poet to make an album to keep her man. Nor does she have to copy my color nail polish and take a picture of her feet with his.

No one is interested in Jay Z but Dream Hampton and some more hoes. No one is interested in Barack Obama but Ava DuVernay and some more hoes.

And both those hoes rippin off my lifestyle.

My feet on that dolo ish. At the beach. My man can’t swim. Yet. And I really don’t give a fuck if Beyoncé don’t like me. Sounds like a personal problem. She should work through it in a blog.

Never did shit to Beyoncé. But support her art. Or Michelle Obama either. Never had nothing but respect for her.

And Beyoncé need to stop being a snake. Supporting Cardi B. being with my man just because Jay Z can’t seem to keep his shit together. My man is done with hoes. He’s learned his lesson. Check track records. If the chic been all through hip hop? Chances are? She don’t give a fuck about you. She has told ALL YA’LL NIGGAZ. “I lie, I cheat, I steal”. you don’t listen? That’s on you.

Where Tommy at? Huh?




Does that nigga have the Statue of Liberty on his arm that Cardi B. told him to get, rippin off Jessica hoe moment Moore. Who is NOT the black statue of anything. She is an HIV spreading white supremacist. Cuz that’s what the spread of HIV is. White supremacy. You are doing just what NAZIS intended.

And a cross on his face?


Cardi B. You are such a trash hoe yo!!

All she does is rip off other people. That ain’t no collab. That’s basic pigeon brained hoe shit.

I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I don’t steal.

She has pulled a Dream Hampton, for real.

Why Beyoncé would support a woman like that? Beyond my comprehension. I thought she was interested in the END OF HIV. She don’t care. All she cares about is dumb ass Jay Z.

Sheisty. Because she’s tryna hold onto some ugly ass bum who still does not respect her the way he should.

I respect both those women.

It’s their men that don’t respect them.

Check yo niggaz!! And they hoes!!


That’s what I do. I will call my ex’s out 2. Ya little hoes!!

Lying cheating stealing hoes!! Fuck ya’ll!!

You better support your one wives only.

This is a powerful woman.

She is dealing with complete craziness. From a bunch of patriarchal powerful men and her husband doesn’t cheat on her. He stands right by her side through thick and thin. Without even getting paid for it!

Thank you Jared! 🤗

Barack Obama mad corny to me. First Lady Michelle. I hope you got South Side Chicago and beat the shit out that nigga. Ava DuVernay tryna even suggest “America” wants that bougie black oak bluffs bobblehead. Lol! That’s her type of nigga.

Imma help you out First Lady Michelle. Cuz that is not my ass.

This is how I feel about Barack Obama for cheating on his wife with some borderline personality disorder hoe.

look, but don’t touch nasty nigga!! 😡 looks like that other dude needs to be put on a leash 2.

Who is that trash nigga?? 😒

Right back atcha.


This is my type of nigga. We already been cheated on by some hoes. So, nah:



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