I keep it super real. No subliminals. I will write your name. Screenshot your hoe moment ass. And post it.

I will say exactly who the culprits are.

No worries, love.


Dr. Angelou was massively abused. By a man.

I’ve been massively abused by ex boyfriends, black twitter, and hip hop.

Old niggaz.

Like Dr. Angelou. I am completely silent. Outside of face to face interactions.

People who run their mouths a lot.

Aren’t abused. They are abusers.

Black Lives Matter/BLM

And Dream Hampton/mad black thot (which is her play on black thought from *the roots* he wouldn’t fuck her)/prison culture (which is what ya’ll are in black twitter, hers)/common white girl (which is what she is)

She Speaks.

She is the start of HIV infections in hip hop. And a supporter of Ava DuVernay.

Who also, speaks.

Her mouth is always running.

She got flyy hair.

Watch harmony. They are accusing you of child molestation. I know that’s not true. You need to let her cry YG. And sleep in her own bed. I know you hate to hear it.

So did my dad. I call him a bitch nigga for being too drunk to remember.

My bio mom was very abusive to him. Like hoe moment black twitter women. Stay out the HIV DM’s.

they infect young black men. On purpose.

Back to my dad: he spent most of his nights in a drunken stupor.

I know you have a picture of yourself with some whiskey. To show your support for me. 😍

Put her in her own bed. Let her cry. She’ll be alright love.

You ready to laugh?

You gotta be mean. A mean teacher. Or you will wind up sleeping in the same bed with your child. Till she’s 11.


Like Jessica Moore does with her son. Who she does molest.




Hold this dear. Any of my life or the lives of people who have harmed me.

Or people I love.

Appear in any of your films. Which you do very little work on, btw.

You borderline personality sociopathic hoe.

Dream Hampton, jr.

I OWN you.

You can leave harmony out of it.

That’s YG’s daughter.

(When a bipolar person with excellent 3rd eye vision, tells you not to fuck with a hoe — COMMON — don’t fuck wit a hoe. Simple. You playin wit a very dangerous chic. Your heart will be trampled to bits and pieces. Vampire hoe. All she does is: lie, cheat, steal. She was raped by her dad as a kid. That nigga never came correct. It’s a pattern. With women and men who have fathers who never come correct. And change their behaviors. 2 late for Ava. Her father is dead. And,

Good riddance.)


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