I live in the United States of America. Donald Trump may be living in Nazi Germany. But the people are not. 😒 no one’s taking shots at you. People are telling the truth (about you, anyway). How are you gonna change you? And prove that you actually can?

i’m at school along with 15 other teachers. bout to write my objectives for español lmao! i’m playing k’naan and rakim. gotta start the day off right! (It was actually rakim, k’naan, then maravillas, which is on curriculum). Lol

when people ooh and ahh over how good Obama is to to Michelle? I'm like, all the teaching she had to do him on how to treat women?! all the shit she’s had to put up with?! please, ain’t no woman with a good husband on this planet? who hasn’t put in work! don’t forget the behind the scenes struggle that accompanies all that joy! lmao!

that’s what happens when you stick with your one husband only. not abandon him cuz he ain’t come from shit, struggles, and has very humble beginnings. (and he’s a smoker too! didn’t stop her from loving him. real love knows no limits! and Barack, is a man who is aware of it. fully.)

“you took on a role you didn’t ask for, with grace, grit, style, (and good humour)” barack

there is nothing graceful about me. i’m like 2X4 girl! come at me with some bullshit? you gettin clocked for it!

“you took on a role you didn’t ask for, with [excellent humor], grit, [timbs, and 2x4’s for my ass]” (which is the part you don’t see. lmao!) “southside girl” lmao!

i often wonder what people really write before they go to impress the world with the best parts only.

these are goals! like Michelle, i want to do it? one time only.

early start! i’m at school by six thirty! remembering all good things come to an end and that’s where the hard work begins. i’ve never been afraid of hard work. the kind you get served in the trenches. it would be nice to have one husband, like Michelle, to build with me. but he really gotta be 100%. and have his shit together. he can have a mental exceptionality, he can struggle and be broke. but he’s gotta be a loyal and faithful dude. dick in pants. ride or die. till death do us part, is serious. to me. we’ll see…

women can be just as abusive and cruel as men. find yourself a good one. someone who does not diss you when things get rough. real love. not to write poems about after you’ve told them to fuck off, acting all brand new like, “i wish i had love!” 1…2…3…4…5… lmao! (that’s a bonus), not to figure out a way to capitalize on his/her pain (i gotta write through it. the pain of being abused by a man who only could ever see a woman who stalked you for 20 years. makes films about men’s struggles, but, does not struggle beside him).

like, love. to live. honest. out loud. faithful. and true. like, i really love you. the simple shit, you should never, ever take for granted. you can’t quite recapture it once you’ve trashed it.

if you have a good wo/man who rolls with you through thick and thin? you know, that kind of love you didn’t ever expect but which overwhelms your heart with joy. you look forward to their every phone call and time spent? don’t be one of those wo/men, wishing you had done it all different.

honesty helps. it’s really underrated in mainstream society. but between two people? it’s the best! it establishes trust. and gives you a foundation to build with! don’t ruin it with hoe moments, lies, deceit, stealing, abusive living. cherish what you have when you have it (i be rolling on the good love i’ve had. i try not to beat myself up for being dumped over a mental exceptionality. real depression over real circumstances. the upside of that? the greatest joys.)

have a good day folks. treat others how you want to be treated, and don’t take others for granted. some people want money for it. some, just want the love returned. :)

goodnight. i don’t watch tv. that shit will have you emotional as hell, all caught at the same time in the highly charged american moment — if it’s not *storage wars* which is like the best, most mundane, omg! you hit the jackpot! show on tv. (this is not a promotion lol), so i’ll have to see obama’s last speech to the nation on youtube later, when all the karmic energy has worn off. and everybody’s back to .25% normalcy.

it will probably be inspiring, not sad! lmao!

thank you so much donald trump, for creating worldwide anxiety. :-|

i’m going to smoke a joint? and go to bed. lol

i don’t lace up. i’m not a runner. i swim. “life ain’t nuttin but a river/still i’m swimmin upstream” — de la soul

none of my 10 year old kids are talking about barack obama. they don’t even mention him (no disrespect to one of the best presidents we ever had). they talk about the types of shit they’ve been through. they’re 10! they talk about water, and how their grandmother talks shit about their mother lol, and that iguana tastes really good. like chicken.

if you are that emotionally caught up with who the president is when you’re ten? and living with that much fear, that you’re terrified of being a teenager in 3 years?! lol someone has projected their adult shit onto you. kids don’t spend anywhere near as much time thinking about who the president is, or isn’t, as some of you would like to believe they do.

kids? are busy living! lmao! they’re not paranoid about their futures! they’re like, “i think i want to be a doctor” or secretly, in school? “my mom is driving me crazy, man! i don’t know what to do!” (I know, i hear the stories. lol)

(call his dad?! lmao!)

:) (that’s for everybody who got a 9–5, and can listen and zone out for a good hour or two. have a drink. go to bed.

i got a anytime i feel like it job. there’s that much work lol. i’m giving feedback. and listening to music. yes. a lot of teacher’s are still working. really. imagine the ones with kids?! it’s unimaginable. it really is. there are quite a few teachers who don’t have kids. it’s a good profession to be in if you don’t. and you love them. lol)

(i did a quick assessment today to see how they may have scored on the access exam. i think they might have done aiight! they are so cute with their little accents in english. and it’s weird. because i’m so used to hearing latino/a and central american peoples speak spanish, that when i hear people speaking english with an accent, the ones that i know and love? it jars me. i’m a little shocked! lol)

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