I’m strong YG! Don’t worry! My father can’t tell me what to do! I’m 44 years old! lmmfao!

You could try her, Kodak Black. She’s very pretty and super talented as well. But, her mother is not playin wit ya’ll little homies either. Believe it. And she also has a father. Who is not playin wit yo asses. She has a mom and dad. I know it’s shocking. Cuz she’s black. But, that’s the other thing. Most black children? Have actively involved fathers. It’s a big ass lie. That these dudes don’t care about their kids.

I’m not sure what Bad Dominicana is talking about, now. Rih. Is about to make a shitload of money off how ya’ll hoes be stealin. Wit Lupita. And not learning when to stop abusing other humans, playing fickle fake friends.

And she’s *Anti* Red. Did you not see her album cover? She’s like,

Nah. I’m good with that.

Let me — call — Chris Brown, directly and privately, and say, “I’m sorry”. Two simple words.

I wonder who Cardi B. tryna date?

(We know you good! Thank you, so much Cardi B! For showing red support! Much love Hermana!)

Prince Royce?

Another piece of advice for Kodak Black, if he try to get at Halima?

That chic got like 14 brothers, all by the same mother lol!

And you will have to go through every one of those dudes.

Good luck! lmmfao!

You could try Elizabeth Ryan? She’s very pretty. And very intelligent. But um, that’s another father? That is not playing.

I’m surprised, quite frankly, that she even has on light makeup, and silver nailpolish. You know that was a serious conversation. lol!

He got a real bow. With real arrows. lol!

I don’t think it has anything to do with you being black.

Kodak Black. I mean, the dude’s dated a black woman before.

But, I’m not so sure he’s looking to have his daughter treated like “that”.

I know for a fact, mine isn’t. And I’m 44 years old. That nigga is still mad, that I got a crush on YG. If I was in my 20's?

I would be dead. Really. lmao! But my mother has had to tell him, that at 44? I am old enough now, to make my own decisions.

He’s like:

“Who is this ironhead? (*fear beginning*)

He looks like a damn pirate!” (*more fear*)

“Does he even know how to read?” (lmmfao! *but i ain’t laughin*)

“Let me tell you something, erica…” (*that’s around the time you start trembling, and act like you never heard of no YG*…lol!)

(Correction. I am afraid. Very. Of one black man on the entire planet.

My dad.

He don’t play. That’s why I am this way. Equal rights. You will not lie to me, cheat on me, or steal from me. Or, you will get *Shaun King’d* and then yo ass will get dumped and I will take what you owe me. Mark my words.)


The Only Way I’m Eating Pussy With These Diamonds

In My Mouth You Gotta Be @fifthharmony @kyliejenner @arianagrande @brittcampbelle Etc. — Kodak Black

It’s hard to know who’s who. Because, so many of you supported black women intentionally spreading HIV. And laughing. And calling these black men trash. And you got the nerve to say some shit, like

“Go back to jail, nigga.”


You still haven’t learned shit. Bad Dominicana and “friends”.

Ya’ll hoes need to stay by yoselves.

(I don’t know why you mad. What he’s saying is? I’m smart. I don’t want to catch HIV. I’m listening to that teacher when she “speaks”.

He’s only 20. He’s safe! What a relief!

Thank you little homie! Much love!)

There are black women who aren’t HIV positive. Around your age. lol! FYI.

Halima Aden? lmao!

Do not expect to get the pussy that quick. Like, just don’t expect it. That’s a covered young lady.

I’ll bet you 400 bucks? She’s a virgin. lmao!

She ain’t playin that trash hoe moment pigeon brained!!



…… …… ……

(of course they were everywhere niggaz in hip hop were. making “art” [must i go into the lying, cheating, stealing, and stalking that occurred — for 24 years, for “art”. it’s so, myopic.], and after, giving them hiv. really.)

Both these chics? High as a kite!! Off coke!! The kind you sniff!!

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