These women are nightmares!! How are you still — alive? Between police brutality, black people killing each other, and some hoes who walk all over men? No wonder you’re

Ditto! I have never been this stressed and depressed in my life. And these muthafuckaz say they’re “helping” black people. Lies!! All lies!!

People who have never been through 1/4 of the shit you and I have? Sitting up here speaking for us. About what we need as black people.

Statues. That’s what we need. Statues of dead white men torn down, and Colin Kaepernick to get his job back. And to listen to a podcast on how “whiteness” works. I mean “blackness”. And, anybody got a poem? How bout a film on black people in slavery, prison, or maybe I get to watch black people all fuckin each other’s partners on *insecure*. *blackish* that will make everything better.

Tea anyone? 😒

I love you. Stay up!