#1 and only — fringe of society.

is how i will be treated by any man. i do not share my man. i think it is abusive to women to create harems. we are human beings with feelings. if you do not want to share your woman with a whole bunch of men? then do not expect that any — independent woman who works on her own merits and does not want or need your money — is going to share you with some hoes.

fringe of society is something that my father said to me. many years ago. “you live your life on the fringes of society”. it was very painful to me, because he is correct. i am not mainstream. i do not believe in the oppression or marginalization of women. or, our abuse. and i am very happy that my father changed. from an abusive man? into a very good human being. which donald trump, is not.

i believe in equality, between men and women. and a loving supportive partner who i do not have to share with other women. and that’s who i am. and i will not apologize for it. if dream hampton and jessica care moore want to spread their bodies through hip hop and abuse marginalized men and women in the process? that is their hoe moment business.

i am not the devil lol! i am a bipolar woman. who was abused. as a kid. and as an adult. by both of my ex’s. by darryl phillips, who fucked dream hampton, not me. lol! by dream hampton. by jessica care moore (and their “social activist” stalking friends. on my personal Facebook page, and on my fringe of society, facebook page) and like I said, i will forgive them. they are stalking sociopaths. their collective continued abuse of marginalized men and women, is already known in the hip hop industry. and in social activist circles.

my ex’s? hopefully have changed how they treat women. my father certainly has. many many years ago.

donald trump has not changed a thing. and i will fight back against his abuse. along with everyone else in this country. i think he needs intense therapy, because donald trump — too — was an abused kid. who did abuse ivanka trump.

this nation? has a lot of issues with abuse. and people need to stop it. women and children are not to be abused. we, and they, are to be loved.

and hip hop needs to step up? and do something about it.

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