1 billion muslims & women who complain about how hard it is to support one kid.

there are many, many muslims donald trump. i assure you that people who practice that particular religion, correctly, are not looking to collect many women.

the thing about islaam, in its original practice, which makes it such a beautiful belief system — to me — is that it details protection for women. protection of their properties and protection of their bodies. when muhammed married 4 wives, after the christian crusades left them husbandless — and upon his one and only wife’s (khadijah’s) — death? he took four more because, they had — no rights. they would have lost all their assets. there is no evidence that he ever consumated these marriages.

any man looking to collect multiple women for his benefit? is more like the devil, than a prophet. lol

muhammed actions? were some of the most unselfish actions performed in any holy books.

isil has it very twisted, with their collections of women. lol as do a lot of men who practice islam today. i know of several men who have multiple wives. and multiple children with these women. these men do not support or protect these women. there’s one? he has two children the same age with two different women. they are here, in the united states, having escaped his oppression. he has another wife he lives with — in his country. and these women send money to him to support his new family — with her. they are extremely oppressed, still. thinking they owe their loyalty to a man who has done nothing, at all, for them. he lives off of them. the women are left to protect themselves,

and support each other.

read the qu’raan, so you can see how islam is supposed to work vs. how it works under patriarchy.

muhammed was not a patriarch.

he was a feminist. :)

(as was jesus. jesus died for the sins, of other men. he was big on treating everybody fairly and equally. from prostitutes — women who had no other options, not women who do — to the literate — very rare in jesus’ time. abraham created the split, which led to christianity and islam. abraham had, um, concubines and a wife. it’s in the torah. a little problematic. it’s very faulty to read these books as separate from each other. since each builds upon the last. the torah? is the old testament in the bible. and, this line sums it up best. “jesus is the most quoted prophet in the qu’raan” immortal technique. it’s true too. i’ve read all three books, in their entirety. lol)

(this is, consequently, why i don’t mess with religion. because patriarchal men and women use it to 1) collect women 2) detroy unions. women who need no protection and have assets? don’t need these books at all. they are irrelevant. oppressed women were the ones who were being discussed, not oppressors.)

educate yourself. for when you lose the election. about religions you don’t know much about.

wow is right. the truth — is amazing. an example of a patriarchal woman. a woman who’s son has a father, that she cheated on in a “hoe moment”. he leaves her. she takes him to court to collect child support? and he never sees his kid again. i’m sure you can relate. i figure, if the patriarchal poet has rights to his children (despite what he did to his son), all men should have a right to their children, as well. gotta keep it fair, balanced and equal. since, trump, you have time to correct your devilish ways, and the poet? well, he’s dead. all rapists, i guess, deserve a chance. since one is praised to holy heaven with black nationalism. and the other is demonized as a white supremacist. maybe you have a chance to recognize, that all humans? are created equal.

the poet had a really good friend, another poet. created a band to honor him. that poet? has already been exposed for his rapes and crimes against women. i’ll leave his name out of this, for now. since that poet may be working on mending his sick ways. i’ll tell you this much. he was PISSED at me. he did not like my poem, at all. probably, because it detailed the abuse of women. it was the most damaging workshop i’ve ever been in. lol

i’m paying no attention to unbalanced, and unfair critiques of abusive men. and women.

women who complain about supporting one child

i really, am not interested in hearing from women — who support one person only. financially and/or emotionally (especially if any of those women receive regular child support payments, isolate their children’s fathers, and/or have a whole crew of women, and men, supporting them, while they dump their kids on their mom’s to “do them”). and while complaining about their private school privileges/public school teachers. teachers who, consequently, have tons of kids they support — off their own dime. i’m trying to support a lot of people. 3 kids included. and, i’m sick, slightly. the mania’s getting better — triggered again, by an abusive and abused man. and made worse? by very abusive and selfish women.

so please, shut the fuck up. there are women out here (of ALL COLORS) like, are you kidding?! sit your ass down somewhere. you live a charmed life. you probably don’t even know how to fix your own toilet. you have no idea what it is like to do “slave labor” to support you and yours.

(i got a cousin who has a slave labor job, went to school full time at the same time, supports her one man and his dreams, takes care of her mother — emotionally and financially, provides me with free therapy [she’s formally trained], helps her small crew of girls with no accolades, and is an excellent mom to her son, bilal. she let’s him be who he is — instead of pushing him to be someone he’s not. and, his dad? super hands on. she would never dream of taking his kid away from him. really — she black aiight. mixed black. keep these fake chics far away from me, or anything that’s ever been attached to me. we have no problems using our hands to whoop ass. we don’t threaten black and brown women, any women, with guns. lol)

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