I didn't realize there was a fourth book. I thought it was just a trilogy. I have no idea where this came from. I was looking for another book. And it fell off the shelf.

1) *a wrinkle in time*

2) *a wind in the door*

3) *a swiftly tilting planet*


4 types of people in this world.

1) people who contribute very little that has long term benefits for other humans.

2) people who go to work to provide long term benefits for other people.

3) people who care not about benefits for other people, they want to make money for themselves.

4) people who recognize where they have fucked up. The shame they’ve brought to their friends and fam. Cuz they were not raised like that — hoe moments. Want their money off their own creativity. Go to work to give back to humanity.

And live very comfortable lifestyles.

4) is my favorite. And I am so happy I am his. He’s a jealous man. Even the idea of being cheated on? Enrages him.


We are highly compatible.

We are dysfunctional, to hoes who cheat. 😒

We are solid, to lovers with loyalty. 😊

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