Actually? I think it’s love.

Balifornia and Bassachusetts — love.

Mind yo business. Take care of your own man, steady worrying bout other people’s shit.

Sound like a plan? Excellent. Cuz you don’t wanna fuck wit me. Really.

(Watchu so mad about? That my parents actually — love — each other. My parents have been married since before you were born. They are old enough to be your parents. I’m older than you are. Show some respect.)

(I’m not all that interested in retweets. I have so many entries on medium? I can’t count them. Passion. It accounts for most of what I produce. On here. Working delivery. And in school. Sorry. I’m bored with “academic” databases. I’m more into thinking and producing off my own shit. No one else’s. Unless, it’s checking. The disrespect. For no reason. But that you prejudice against chics who are black, and also know that they mixed. And identify with both. Your bullshit. And insecurity. In being black only. Leave me out that mess. It ain’t me who hasn’t showed you your just due respect.)

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