Ya’ll seem to think this is “art”. The first draft of a novel. lol It isn’t. It is hip hop shit!! That’s getting cleaned up. A novel is on my computer. I haven’t had time to work on it. Too busy cleaning up hip hop shit!! And working. Slave labor. A novel, or a collection of poetry, isn’t as important to me. As human lives. I’d rather support their art. Because it’s righteous. And call out the liars, cheaters, thieves. Time to make some — honest — art. For ya’ll.

“I want my body back!!” sounds about correct. Don’t be speaking for black and brown marginalized women, and making money — off our deaths.

Talib, go do something productive. Call your mother. Wish her a happy mother’s day. Something. Anything. That woman has supported you in everything you’ve ever done. And I’m sure she didn’t expect this shit. Diabolic hip hop ain’t done shit to you, but call you out. That man is a father, and works a slave labor job. Plus, makes art. You such a scrub yo. I have lost all respect for you. And it has nothing to do with you being black. So don’t try that wack shit. A woman who’s on your label is actually using her kid to make money. With no baby daddy (aren’t you a father?) on fpurpose. Besides her abuse of men and marginalized men and women. I don’t see you saying shit to her.

So much for bravery. You can’t even stand up to that hoe!! Like, bitch!! you ain’t on my label no moore!!

You don’t give a fuck about the people, Talib Kweli. Because if you did? You wouldn’t have watched, and did nothing, but make some raps. While your hoe — damaged — many many many many many people. In hip hop.

*fuck the money*, right? okay — live that!

More my speed. Then again, I’m not afraid to whoop yo bougie, elitist, classist ass (which I can do) with my fists.

It’s hilarious to me that some of ya’ll chics call women who work multiple jobs — classist. And elitist. When I travel, traditionally, it’s pretty humble shit. I’ve only once been to a resort, and could not stand it. I stay in spots owned by people from those countries. And I don’t act as though I’m somehow above other people. I’ll even speak (or try to) the language (which also won’t satisfy some of you, because that’s me trying to be someone I’m not. Instead of me not being some elitist American.)

I also bought a house (that is no longer mine) in conditions none of you chics would have lived in. Where I bathed in a metal tub in lukewarm water, shat in a bucket, and cleaned blood and feces off the walls. While working two slave labor jobs. And not raising the rent on the struggling tenants. Helping them to get they’re own spot in much better condition the the slumlord landlord they had, had them in. For 17 years. I helped them with first last and deposit. So save it.

Lay on your back, spread your legs, make art. And tweet your complaints. You’re useless.

When I call myself a sun. It’s not because I chose to have multiple men. Running through them, non transparently. It’s because they dumped me. For being bipolar, and getting sick — from their abuse. I wasn’t the one cheating. They were.


“These hoes ain’t loyal” — Chris Brown

Stay up homie! I know you were — in love! And you were not the one — cheating!!

Contrary to popular belief? There are quite a few men in hip hop who are monogamous. Who have been cheated on by polyamorous women who were not transparent about that being who they are.

Now, everyone knows. So they can avoid you if they don’t want to share you. Or, share their partners, with you. No need to be ashamed. Just — honest. Smh.

Now back to men who are monogamous! Thank you so much for respecting monogamous women. When we tell you that’s what we are? Please don’t abuse it. I respect your right to be polyamorous. Please respect women’s rights who do not want multiple partners. Or, to be with a man who wants multiple partners.

Some of us like our men all to ourselves. We have no desire to share penis, or vagina, and exchange bodily fluids with everyone. For more reasons, than one. Call it conservative, if you choose. It’s not a sin — to be monogamous.

For some of us, the intimacy that comes from loving one person, romantically, is more important than having multiple sexual partners.

And remember, if that’s what you want? Be transparent about it. My bipolar imagination is enough for my man. Guaranteed — fact. (Probably enough for every man, for that matter. But I don’t get down like that. Maybe I’ll publish a book someday, for ya’ll who want to read it. For now, i’ll just stick to my anonymous litetotica sight. And private correspondence. Which is no one’s business — ever — but the person I decide to write to. Makin him miss his flight and shit! My bad love! Lol!)

(It’s also the first time I’ve ever done that. Except, with my ex boyfriend. And i’m glad I did. Now he can read. And keep his dick in his pants. Or in other consenting adults who he is totally transparent with. I’m, uninterested.)

No Jessica Moore. You are not enough. You are not a good mother. Good mothers don’t purposefully isolate their children from their children’s fathers.

The only mother’s I know who do that? Feel like their children are in danger. Which does happen. And I understand why they do that. I would as well. No hesitation at all.

That is not you, or Dream Hampton’s situation. Your situation is that you are sociopaths who use and abuse men. And when your baby daddy dumped ya’ll for it. Your revenge was to keep those men away from their kids.

That is incorrect.

And someone needs to call child protective services on ya’ll. Dream Hampton’s daughter is an adult. Jessica Moore’s son. Is not. His father has rights to his child. He wasn’t created from sperm donation or rape or immaculate conception. That man thought you loved him. And like your other four husbands? You didn’t. You have never loved anyone, but yourself.

Your son is a hashtag. Not a human. No one does that to their children. To promote them, as a capitalist enterprise. People show off their children, because they love them. Not to try and make money off them. They are the parents. They support their children. Not the other way around.

YG could be poor, like every man I’ve ever dated. Save one. That would not make a difference to me. I like YG because of his — character! He stands up based on his principles! And he defended me when none of you would. Because he knew the truth! This shit has to stop! He my homie! No more art is getting created off of horror! People lining their damn pockets and acting like this shit ain’t happening.

Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore are very sick women. It’s not because they feel a lot. It’s because they don’t feel — anything. Sociopaths are excellent, at faking emotions. And, centering themselves over everyone else.

I don’t have any desire to center myself. In anything. I have a desire to see restorative justice made on the part of all you adults who should know better than this shit!!

YG was a kid! When this crap started!! All of these young men were — kids!

And they are better men than a lot of ya’ll old muthafuckaz. Because — they have excellent — MOTHERS! Who taught them right from wrong! And didn’t spoil they asses. Like,

“you think you livin in my crib when you 50 years old playing video games and shit, you don’t know how to cook, clean, your ass don’t know how to do a damn thing!! on my money? Boy, you gonna be sleeping in a box on the damn street!! I am not your maid, or your slave!! I am your mother! Go get your ass a job! Doing something productive! And don’t bring no hoes to my crib!!”


I don’t mess with any women who’s children are not learning to be self sufficient productive members of society. That shit is irritating!! You raising little entitled monsters!! No one has time for that mess!!


These hoes (or sex workers or artists or whatever) think I’m rich, and that my parents support me. Untrue. I work! A lot! Slave labor jobs! And don’t spend my money on clothes and makeup and push-up bras and trash!!

And yes, you too could have a decent job as well. If you went to school and decided to get one. Do you have some health condition that prevents you from working?

Or are you just an entitled artist?

Sociopathy maybe?

Cuz even when I got really sick and my actual Psychiatrist was like — you really are entitled to disability. Bipolar disorder is a serious condition. I was like, nope. I’m not disabled. I am telling the truth. What is happening online. Is real. And Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore are responsible for it.

They are — sociopaths!!

And went to work delivery. In the car I bought. With my own cash money. That I had saved, working 3 jobs.

This chic had the worst sense of humour on the planet. Besides her other crimes against humanity.

That shit ain’t funny!!

This is funny! And true! For a whole bunch of hoes!! For me? I need love!

And Dream Hampton tried to kill — all of you. So I could never find a man of my own. Sociopathic whore!!

It’s way beyond chivalry. She hates men. Don’t let isis get ahold of that sloppy ass!! 😳

😒 new. Usually it’s “these gringa pasty faces are fuckin with our men.” But “don’t @me if u a man” I have never heard so much vile spit at white women and mixed chics by a mixed chic. That’s what she is 2. A mixed chic. A mixed black woman. A morena. Like me! Dope artwork! I’ve bought some of it! Promoted it as well! No money needed! You should purchase! Especially if you are a white woman who does that safety pin shit. And/or, a mixed black chic who has any or has ever had any relationship to/with Dominicans. Or, a man who likes fat asses! Lmmfao!

It’s the Dream Hampton crew!! Lol!

I smile at other human beings. I don’t pretend I’m being street harassed when someone says good morning. I’m polite to other human beings. When white women ask me questions about the spices I’m buying, I don’t get nasty and say “Google” or turn my nose up. You show no respect. You get none back.

Get an animal. It’ll teach you empathy and how to care about people besides yourself.


Excellent! Ms. “Professional”. lol with no job. Just stay away from YG? And we ain’t got no problems. You can have my ex’s. Feel free to support them — like I did/do.

This is true. I don’t. That’s where my auntie comes in. My mom don’t like hip hop. Unless it’s, a woman. We bond, over queen latifah, MC Lyte, Sa-Roc, and invincible.

She think Jean Grae is just like me. Brazy!

My auntie like this!


Happy non Mother’s Day. Since you don’t have no kids. Cuz “all men are trash”.

And thanks for reading my blog, pretending you don’t, and not paying me. Hope you enjoyed your tea money. Don’t ask me for any more.

(YG! Diss me! DM her! She has lots of followers! She wears makeup and gets her nails done. And she’s the smartest woman on the planet. She also don’t like no white people. Unless she can use them to retweet. she doesn’t like being “hypervisible”. Which may or may not be a word she invented (pay her!!)

Her page is only for business. And DM dick 😒)

Next up, she has a disability. Nasty human being disease.

I’m bipolar. And not disabled.


These bitches are miserable. Nobody equates caring for cats with caring for children.

Except for me! My cats were my babies! And I had some of them longer than you’ve had your children! Better taken care of as well. I wasn’t feeding them all that junky ass food you eat. All organic! Non GMO!

But I realize that children’s lives are very important. Which is why I’ve worked with disenfranchised and marginalized and parentless children since I was 16.

More kids than most of you have. Also, my babysitting services have always been free for my single mother homies. Ain’t no “fuck you pay me!” So, go “consume” my blog, act like you don’t, them talk about your “feminist praxis” while analyzing Netflix shows, and calling that “art”. That chic is cooked!!

Bougie uber hoes!!



Ain’t gonna be me!


I am currently living like a nun. Without a habit. I might as well just turn myself into the Franciscan convent. Those chics got a nicer spot than I do. I bet they got real beds. Not a futon. (I be saving and giving all my money away. Lol!) And a big ass garden.

I am looking to change that. I like penis’. They are incredible! I mean, I am so happy every time I remember that men still have them! That Dream Hampton failed!! In her mission to make all men into women! Lol!

One, in particular. That nigga…nevermind. Lmao!

Ben Shapiro is so funny! Omg! It’s not the size of the boat! It’s the motion in the ocean! That nigga is one inch shorter than YG! Hey now!

Don’t ya’ll try to jump on Ben Shapiro’s dick! He’s married! Me and his wife got a bat for that ass! Lol! (Watch out, any man I like — these chics like 2, Mor. And I just think he’s a cool dude. 😎)

That is so funny! Tell em Ben!


When you eatin — Jerusalem — food for dinner though! Homemade tabouli, hummus, (with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and aguacate!) one sandwich on sissel rye, one on pita bread! (I’m sorry Christians. I don’t what the hell ya’ll eat. Some genetically modified KFC and pigs feet 😷😷)

Two things Jews and Muslims do: don’t eat pigs (unless you a fake Jew. Like my girl neshamah. That chic eats — everything, she a big girl! Lol! She learned — nothing — in jewish school. Not when it came to food! Lmao!)

And when someone dies, you all pick up the dirt with your hands, and throw it on the grave. I’m pretty sure, you traditionally, bathe the dead person’s body. And bury it as quickly as possible.

The super Jews and Muslim women? Keep their bodies covered. Same for Christians. They’re called — nuns. They don’t get no dick. And they are discriminated against for being good women, they have to take a vow of poverty and can never own property. Which is some bullshit!! Because priests can do whatever the hell they want. I can’t stand Catholicism. Just for that reason. And those child molesting priests.

I only had one priest I actually liked. And he stayed drunk. All through the sermon. Which was not in church, but in a restorative justice circle, in the catholic school auditorium. That nigga just kept pouring wine into that cup the whole time. He wanted everybody drunk! Lol!

(Paul Ryan gonna kill me. He was an altar boy…😳)

This Mother’s Day, this teacher from Boston, wants to look into all ya’lls family values. Dream included. Cuz she’s a single mother, by choice, and not cuz she went to a sperm bank

Who your baby daddy? Hoe!!

I agree, free black mothers from prison! They in there for some petty shit. And, for fighting abuse.

Do not free Dream Hampton. She is mixed black. And she is an abuser. Nobody, give her one red penny. Bitch has never had a slave labor job, she sittin over in London, scared to death. And her restorative justice? Is not a social media network.

It’s face to face. In Newark!

Nobody else’s black, brown, white life mattered. So neither does her’s.

Lol! P. Diddy 2 funny! Thanking all his baby mamas. You better!

God bless the men who weren’t hoes!! And got cheated on! Not the other way around!

You are the BEST men in the planet! Thank you for respecting your one woman only!

“Who ‘don’t answer?’”

“…YG where you goin?”

“Don’t answer, that’s where I’m goin…”

(That ish is so funny!)


He a better man than I am a woman. I would have beat some dumb hoes ass!!

I think, Ben, it’s because 3 different groups of idiots are fighting over that same stupid spot. Jews, Christians, and Muslims. They all think it’s some “holy” place. That’s why as a biological ashkenazi? I don’t practice religion. It makes no sense to me. Just people fighting. I like, philosophy. Worry bout your damn self and your own actions in the world.

I don’t think America should be recognizing any religious anything. And that’s what Jerusalem is. A religious spot. Complete with temples, churches, and mosques.

I know ya’ll Jews be mad, cuz you were first. This is true. I’m mad cuz I was first and some other bitches said they were. It’s a lie.

So, I flipped it with these patriarchal misogynist men. I am number one — and only — for my man! Just like Mor. Lol! That’s my goal, wit my own man! Lol

Best Talib tweet of 2017. Negroes are actually, human beings! Just like white people!

Now for isis…a bunch of abused and damaged, motherless boys, who are now men — and hurting. Horribly. They won’t stop? Until racism and injustice and the oppression of other human beings globally, does. So America has to make a decision. And the people have spoken. They want peace and harmony. So ya’ll better figure out a way to make it happen. Paul Ryan, working bipartisanly? Is the best bet.

What is his issue with women, and our healthcare? Is he mad because there are sex workers out here? Was he lied to, cheated on, and stolen from by some hoe who had an abortion?

Take the personal out of it, Paul. This ain’t art. It’s politics.

What’s Jefferson Session’s problem? Did he get his ass whooped? Like Shaun King? For doing some foul shit in high school or something, to a black kid with a lot of swag? Who had more money than his family did? Growing marijuana in a field of bucolic wheat?

Get over it! Go get some damn therapy! Lol

that ain’t me on the back of that jetski homie. lol! and, it would be just like YG, to be in the middle of the damn ocean, in some white pants. with no lifejacket. on a jetski. which is very dangerous. just like hanging out of helicopters with no safety line.

i don’t think that nigga knows how to swim. let’s start at that. okay? i’ll teach you how to swim. and you can trust me. i won’t let you drown. i promise. you won’t have to spend no money. i’ll make lunch for the beach. you need swimming trunks. get some. in red. so i can find yo ass if you go under. lmao!

i LOVE hip hop! it is responsible for helping me to keep my sanity all through childhood, and adulthood. i would not be who I am, without hip hop culture — and it’s — inclusivity. of everybody. that’s the reality.

and donald trump better get his act together. and stop being angry (i get it, if anybody’s angry? it’s me. your rich and white and the most powerful man in the world. you have nothing to be angry about. really.) because it doesn’t even affect him. or maybe it does. emotionally. because donald trump can’t get enough of these niggaz, in hip hop. he thinks he’s a gangsta, black man. lmmfao!

it’s okay for him to be white. and love hip hop. lots of black people, white people, and brown people do. and some of them, are saying, fuck you donald trump! enough! lmmfao!

parts 1 and 2, are the BEST songs of 2016. they should have swept the rap category, in the grammies. because, it’s honest art. based off actual — reality.

YG is a genius. who, likes pussy. heavenly! lmmfao! gangsta! i got his back. with or without me.

(jeezy ain’t interested in you, jessica hoe moment moore. there are many high quality women out here, who won’t lie to, cheat on, or steal from him. better put out a sign for sex work. or, better yet, get a job. skank whore!! Art in reality. To the party that’s injured, many men. Detroit is the starting line of new poets, in America. Nobody that’s related to jessica Hoe Moment moore. And that is her accurate name. Because she didn’t care more. I did. Jessica Moore cares about her name. And it’s ruined — in hip hop. She the one who proud of hoe moments. Not me. And her *the wire headed heathen* ass — cop that collection! Ain’t riding my back. No Moore. She’s the biblical whore!!

I’m a beast! For restorative justice! Lmao!)

some “art”, is the raw truth. and that is the most brave art, on the planet. you have to be super strong, and super brave — to tell the truth. many of you, are only concerned for yourselves, and your art, and how you can get paid — by any means necessary — for your art.

it’s capitalism gone crazy!!

i don’t give a fuck about money. when it comes to stopping horror. you don’t have to pay me one dime, for my creation.

i give a fuck that these innocent kids, don’t have to continue dealing with HIV. because all ya’ll could do was make some music surrounding it. and make money off of it.

the closest anyone came, to addressing it — through art. honestly. was KRS One, and Buckshot. real revolutionaries. i’m in good company. now make some “art” about how you’ve been injured — by the truth — and how happy you are, that someone stopped the abuse. so that you are aware. and that you will protect yourself. and so that the epidemic ends, in my generation.

healing art!

i need real life healing — hugs. a poem is not enough. a rap is not enough. a song is not enough. ya’ll can rap and sing and write poems about that. reality. lol!

much love!

dedicated to YG, who is my friend. because that nigga, did not run from the creation, which is actually, the reality. he said, i can’t do this. i wasn’t raised that way. my mama, would kill me. lmao!:

actually, the injured party was — me. and when i reached out for help? i was further injured. so i stopped doing it. because only a few people were brave enough to say, this is wrong. your whole network of HIV infestation, that should have been addressed. a long time ago. in hip hop. not to create off. to end. because we are talking about people’s lives. not “art”.

and i have those people’s back. because it is not their fault. caring about another person. and sharing your body with that person, believing he/she can be trusted. doesn’t make you a predator. it makes you, a victim.

Dream Hampton should have been stopped.

just because you are an artist? this does not give you leeway to interfere in other artists lives, or creations.

you don’t create off of abuse. you create off of your own life. from the very beginning. if you can’t create off of you own life?

you are not an artist. you are a thief.

i create off of things that have happened to me. and things that have affected me. not things that have happened to other people. and i will put you on, if i enjoy your art. if you come into my life, unrighteously, and cause damage to me — for no reason whatsoever. if you interfere in my life, and my loves, and my joys, and my pains (there’s a network of you who have done just that, on twitter, via dream hampton — and you know it) when all you were, was loved by me. helped by me.

i will write it out. i am a natural born — creator. an original one. i don’t need to create off you. to call you out, for your abuse.

you’re very welcome. it is because of me, and my creation, that your children — in reality — won’t have to deal with the possibility of being infected with HIV, in hip hop.

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