I’d rather be hated for telling the truth. Than loved for living a lie.

The devil’s plan really worked out well. In the hip hop industry. These niggas are hoes. Who lie cheat and steal. They have hoes. Who do the same. Let me infect as many men as I can. The perfect way to shame these men and their hoes. And get my money.


Now everyone else is involved.

Even people who haven’t lived, and do not want, that lifestyle.

Aries noir? Aiesha Letman. Yes I’m aware that FJ was a part of that evil. And it looks like you may have been as well. There’s an extensive network of black women who have HIV. Who are part of the evil to disparage me. Even before I knew I was HIV negative.

So that’s not the issue.

The issue is those women’s characters.

So I’m telling the truth. To shame the devil.

Let’s see? Who began the spread of HIV in hip hop, knowing that there are hoe moment men who will spread it, and sex workers for them, who will as well?

Not me.

Dream Hampton.

A hip hop hoe I don’t even know.

Networking works excellently. When you haven’t been lied on by some HIV spreading hoes you don’t know for 25 years. Who prevented you from networking, infiltrated cave canem, which they have never been a part of. Tried to infiltrate your university. Did link with people at your place of employment.

So you changed schools! That’s how — bad — the stalking and abuse is.

People went right along with that evil, have lied on your life and your name. Cuz they got infected with HIV. Hoeing

2 uneducated whores. And they followers. Who run the mouth. Talk about how men treat them. As sex workers with HIV.

Meanwhile, me, minding my business. Mouth shut. Living life up in love. Writing dope ass poetry. Teaching. Working on my kids novel. Thinking finally, a good man. A marriage. Equal rights. Love. Children. Our ideas collab'd on and brought to fruition.

Blindsided. Cuz niggaz chase sex working hoes. And then wonder why they wind up, alone, and heartbroken.

A lot of shady money. And not much else.

So, no networking on twitter. With anyone who participated in that evil.

Or who spreads HIV intentionally.

I don’t give a fuck who you are. Or what your influence.

Kids do not want to be born HIV positive.

So I’m telling the truth. Aiesha Letman. To shame the devil.

Cuz it ain’t me. I loved the niggaz I was with. What they decided to do in the world, before me. Is not my business, and I do not take responsibility for their hoe moment actions. Or the actions of their hoes.

I’m not a hoe.

Anymore than I take responsibility for women I don’t know — hoeing, and spreading HIV.

Not that *complex*. Really.

Actually, when I say I have the best of both worlds. I mean that I didn’t grow up with the racism and prejudice you did in your immediate circle, because it’s antithetical to being raised in a diversity of skin colors’ within your family.

Which is what I am a part of. And what is part of me. There are lots of black and brown people like we.