Shower, then work! Ain’t no one sayin fuck the money in my household. Only people say fuck the money? Were never hungry —

as children.

Real blue eyes! Africa’s here love! (What was that about Yacub?? 😒 and “the white man” with blue eyes and a harem of hoes!! 24 of them?

That’s what I thought. Shut the fuck up. Yakkkub a black nationalist hoe!! Evol Neanderthal!!

Not an evolved homo sapien sapien.)

And — This? Is a child. With biogenetic diversity. And mitochondrial DNA to make it that way. Deal with it. 😍

Real white light in a black woman’s eyes:

Fake blue eyes on a “black” woman:

When your old boyfriend now in Boston!


Your life does not matter. At all.

His life?


China! Lol! 😘

Me as well! Bipolar brazy! Little booties!


All the men I like?

LOVE women! Not hoes!!


(Gay dudes taught me how to spot a “fufu”.)

(Thank you for all your work on YouTube. Ahi. Remember! One wife only. Dream Hampton/mad black thot/prison culture/common white girl? A side hoe 4 life.

Mecca is number one and only. Play the Dream. Like a fat hippo!! That’s what she is. A stank fat hippo hip hop hoe!!)

And take the Pandora’s box of fat stinky booty HIV!! hoe!! with you. Along with Jes-sickkk-a care about nothing but her foodstamps. Colin Kaepernick and his fake revolutionary Afro. Shaun — black lives don’t matter — King. And Cardi hoe. Who supports that lifestyle.

Me and my man? Don’t)

Patrisse Cullors. Who birthed an HIV positive baby. Knowing he could have been born blue! Skank trash hoes!!

Ouch. HIV kickin in.

Luckily my man listens. And doesn’t open his mouth on how to treat that. *shrug*

Post a pic!! You neanderthals? Dying out.




Again. For the kids. Float.

Relax your body. It’s only water. 75% of who you are. Water.

Have fun in the Hurricane!


Safe space!