alcohol? ya’ll trippin. this is my brain, on a natural high.

um, i’m not drinking. i’m DRIVING, in between orders.

i’m just


about all my ish that has been used and abused by some lame asses, one of whom?

is about to become correct.

the other?

is about to rot in hell.

he’s east afrikan. and i made him feel bigger than he is.

so let me tell you what his sister said

“whatever. he’s about to get 5 jobs and start working his ass off. because we are tired of supporting him”

and he’s,

the worst of the abusers.

he truly believes that he is entitled to LOTS

of women.

with his soft voice, and gentle persuasion, and praying 5 times a day.


and his pigeon feathers, and his brown tea,

and his

i read the qu’raan. i am


he has no mental difference, that would even make him think that is the case. lol!!!

and it’s not from anything he’s earned, since he’s ALWAYS lived off women.

and not from anything that comes from the qu’raan. and not out of need,



but out of


since multiple marriages are for women who have no support?


their protection.

according to his “holy” book.

it’s because of what i wrote.

and for that, i will take full blame.

because i truly believed,

that the black man is god.

and who better than to believe that about?




from the horn of africa.

big mistake.

i thought he was this super good dude.

he isn’t.

he is an average ass,


who accumulates chics?

for his own benefit.

the ultimate,

devil. and it is his wife’s love and support, and her art with her girls?

that will reign him in.

i will say it again. 75% back to the people.

he wrote back so quick, after that…

“i do not want to get caught up in your spiderweb”

yes. exactly.

“75%, back to the people”


he wrote a poem about it.

it was,


how the devil has him locked in his hands.

he does.

my other ex.

and he won’t be moving from his wife? ever. he’s got a marriage. and kids.

so give up your fantasy, not based on your writing —

but mine.

care more.

about what is





no justice, no victory.

and no peace. your ass has to find another man. i’m sorry. he will build with what he stole from his wife — her movement, and her gurls (because women, come first)

or he won’t do anything.

that’s equality. and justice. and you will learn it. for the sake of who really matters…you don’t understand yet. but you will. i will help you.

the king of men.



(disclaimer: i would never harm any child. ever. and you hurt me. so horribly. when you suggested that i would. i never ever said anything like that. what i said was, i would bust your ass with my fists, if you ever threatened me with the police, the fbi, or the nation of islam — again. and that, still stands. i will.)

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