I have this thing about teeth.


And blind people, like me, who should quit smoking.


You need carrots. Organic.

The kind you eat. Not diamonds.

You can’t see!

But you have really nice teeth!


Those kinda look like Ivanka Trump’s teeth. Before the braces. She got East African teeth. They’re long. Lol!

She is so cute!


Your “tribe” gets bigger. And it’s

You got that correct hoe!!

I am awake! Wide awake! You are the minority. I’m only on the fringe of society for black only twitter.

Billions of people are like me. And ya’ll don’t speak for black people. You speak for black only twitter people.

And most black twitter users? Are not HIV positive.

Most of twitter, is not HIV positive.

But ya’ll tryna make it that way. And righteous black men who you intentionally infected are saying —

No fuckin way!

We are fighting this epidemic! HIV negative and HIV positive people are working — INTERSECTIONALLY.

To stop — HIV.

2 bad. Hoes!! You losing!!

The answer is no Ava.

Learn your place crazy hoe!! You’ve infected thousands of black men with HIV.

You are a sociopath.

Like Trudy.

Trudy needs her teeth fixed. I bet if she opens up her mouth? She got a whole bunch of shit going on. Like, rotting.

Teeth are a sign of your health.

I have all my teeth. Even the wisdom teeth. One’s still growing in. Lol!

One cavity. In my entire life. When I go to the dentist?

Wow! You have beautiful teeth.

You should stop smoking.


Give her the money. She supports you.

I don’t. I don’t support people just cuz they black.

Every nigga from the hood knows that!

(Neither Ava or Trudy, are from the hood.)


All of Cave Canem, plotted against me.

With Black Lives Matter/BLM.

The entire black twitter platform.

Is created — off of me.


(I don’t want you dead. 🙃🙃 you wanted me dead.


Don’t ya’ll niggaz listen?? She said she’s “divested from hip hop”. No place for her to “grow”.

No niggaz left for her to infect.

If you are HIV positive it is because —

Of Dream Hampton.

And I never did shit to any of you! From superstar celebrities. To the chic down the street. To all of Hip Hop.

Because of the hoe. Dream Hampton. That skanks trash whore!! And her skank trash followers!!

You used me to say this is black America.

And it’s not my black America.

I don’t know black people with no jobs who make “art”.

I only know black PEOPLE who WORK and feed hungry children and shit. They be lookin at me like, what can I do with “art”. I can’t eat and drink “art”. “Art” don’t give me a place to live.

Ya’ll need to start donating to each other. All you folks got rich off my life?

Can support all the poor folks on black twitter.

Let’s see if they support you.

Bank of AMERICA. Is closed.)

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