I am going to go kick it wit YG’s mama. I am so tired of hoes. And so is she.


I will never date a man again. Who has a shitty ass father.

That’s his. Damn! These hoes have fathers like that?? Oh! That’s why they don’t have no baby daddies — face!

What kind of — mothers — are you hoes? That your kids don’t have no clue who their fathers are?? You talkin bout these niggaz like, I want my daughter to know her Polynesian roots.

By watching Disney movies?


Where is her Polynesian DADDY? I know. Ghost! Nobody wants to be around no prostitute who dumped his ass cuz she was sick of being a housewife and watching telenovelas, to become a sex working “artist”. And talk about her oppression as a woman.

Let’s be 🔥 🔥!!




The gun in school. And the 17 year old killed? We’re both over a sex positive mini hoe. Who was not going to be “oppressed” as a black woman. She is a real feminist. So, She can fuck your boy. Don’t you see her flyy hair, booty shorts, and makeup. I’m sayin. A woman gotta get hers! At 15.

Oops. There’s my 25 year old nigga. He takin me to rainbows girl. They havin a sale on…

This is exactly what I’m talkin about.


And he is correct! GMO chicken!! girls in high school who do not eat that crap? And who have — parental supervision. Do not look like that!! And do not act like that!!

That little girl’s parental supervision? Hoes!! On social media.


This little girl’s parental supervision?

THE GAME! Her — father!


Guess who was in Lindsa’s office with a collective of diverse teachers after this?

She called me. I need you to come here. ASAP.

And this.

Do not speak on my name about anything— ever — hoes.

This is my community. I don’t live in the “white” part of town preaching blackness on twitter. Or driving in from the suburbs. Then running back. Listening to some sex workers who fly into our city for a day. To preach about black womanhood.

My blackness is not confined to a week in the summer at a poetry retreat.

Crazy!! Fuck outta here!

These are people I KNOW. Real life. Offline.

Anybody can self publish a collection of poetry. Or erotic stories. In book format. Or on vinyl. Talking. If you fuck the right niggaz. They’ll promote it, 2.

Um, hell no! Do you understand what — feminism/womanism is now? Or, nah??


Lol! (As a child of a black father and a white mother, who was raised in Boston and has lived here the vast majority of my life? There is nothing that you can tell me about Boston and racism. It prepared me for intersectionality — in utero.)

When I say I’m more radical than a teacher who listens to you talk about your blackness as women to “get her life” but is not linked to nor does she consult with any of the most radical teachers and admins in the bps. Who are people of color or black women themselves.

Then she loses. If she was really interested in institutional racism and the oppression of black women. She would have linked — with me. Her classroom was 4 doors from mine. Lol!

But her eyes are green, with envy, for my lifestyle.

Jean McGuire is one of my mentors. Btw. A huge activist in the desegregation of the BPS. And a close friend of my white mother’s.

So is Lindsa. She’s a principal.

So is Khita. She’s a principal.

So is Beatriz. Far right.

So is Sunny. One of my mentors. I have deep connections to people of color in the bps. Intersectionally. Across the district.

Green with envy.

Three extremely abusive men. sadd boy, AD, bricc baby. (Not those men themselves. But men who chose those names to represent the three men I’m talking about.)

One virtuous woman. Me. I’ll claim it.

It’s the truth. (And I think that’s the real reason women and some men are angry with me. It has nothing to do with what I did to them. It has to do with their abuse of me for what they did to themselves. You have to own your actions. They are yours. No one else’s.)

😒 lol

I think two people who have been through extreme abuse and trauma. Are the best at helping each other to heal. In the flesh and — blood.

All true.

Hoes make much better wives for trash men. Then they can cheat on each other. And go on social media and complain about hoes and trash men.

I’m a pagan tho. Cuz I have no respect for the holy books or men’s treatment of virtuous women. Those are the women in the holy books that get shat on. For having virtue. The hoes get married/have excellent partners, then dump these niggaz/cheat on them to become sex workers or have as much sex as they want with whoever (some of whom are other hoes trash husbands). And complain about how bad men are.

Give me my money. That dick. And get the fuck out my crib.

And it — works. So I don’t know what men or women are complaining about.

None of that has a thing to do with — love.

Gotta go ya’ll.