all ya’ll dudes playing that white vs. black, black vs. white ish? and oppressing women? go get yourselves a culturally competent therapist. quick. the ones who don’t think they need jack ish? always want to point the finger at women? are the ones who need it — the most.

i found one. i think. it’s so so tough. and there are not enough black and brown mental health practitioners. my last therapist started talking to me about how guilty SHE feels about black and brown people being murdered by the police. i almost smacked her, but then? they DEFINITELY would have committed me. so i stayed calm and just never went back. i start next week. it had to be someone who is not connected to anyone i know. cuz people talk, even though they say they don’t. i am not interested in being pumped full of drugs (i was lucky, i had a pretty good experience in the psych ward when i advocated for myself. i checked myself in. cuz i knew that’s exactly what i needed. they knew i wasn’t crazy as soon as i started speaking about what has happened to me. i needed one drug. to stabilize me. i do not disagree with taking a drug if need be. it’s a very fine line to negotiate, because it is a multi billion dollar industry, and there are quite a few doctors who WILL put you on as many as they can…you won’t even be able to get out of bed. they can be necessary. and i’m glad i had it. but i ain’t taking no more because i’m not the problem. so don’t suggest it.)

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