also, no one’s getting hurt. or killed. so everyone can forget about revenge. i support the black lives matter movement. i have no clue why people are not allowed to peacefully assemble to protest that black and brown people are being MURDERED. for absolutely nothing but being black and brown. i really want you to put the shoe on the other foot. how would you feel, if those were your children? (actually, you don’t need to put the shoe on the other foot. because they are killing white people too. you just don’t hear about it — in the mainstream media).

i’m writing? to encourage people to THINK!

i’m a teacher. i got canned because i was too controversial. and unaffordable. too many grad school credits. cheaper to hire a less experienced teacher. i couldn’t take a paycut if i wanted to (which is something the union should think about. protecting teacher pay, but in a climate where NO MONEY goes into public education? we should have that option.)

the last thing any racist police officer wants? is for his white daughter to write poems about police brutality. i didn’t tell her to write it. i encouraged her to write out her feelings.

“who does THIS one belong to. because she’s about to be arrested!”

for what? poetry?! lmao!

i belong to myself. asshole.