This is the best. Because when you say your word is your bond? In hip hop culture?

You must mean it.

So when I say, I do not abandon those I love. Word is bond. A 5%er. That’s what I mean. The first time. No need to play games, or do semantics. I’ll just tell you directly what it is. So you don’t have to ask, “whussup wit all this fake shit?”

Taaaaaay. 😒 lol! (that’s me my cuz and russell larkin.)

Always do the right thing. When you are faced with a decision to make that you know is the wrong one to make. Be different. Don’t do what everyone else is doing just because it’s easier to do what everyone else is doing. Do what you feel in your heart and conscience to have the greater benefit for people besides yourself. If you get caught in a mess you did not create. Name names. Don’t ever be ashamed to place blame on the people who caused the harm in the first place.

And you’ll never have to look back and say…that was some really foul shit I did. And you can sleep with a clean conscience.

Remaining silent about an injustice can be just as bad as participating in it. Don’t be silent. Use whatever tool is at your disposal to address what that injustice is, its affects on yourself and/or other human beings, and how you will not be a party to it. Because it is the incorrect thing.

Be a revolutionary. Not a sheep.

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