i love trudy! (not the trudy with the big titties! on that show? i loved Jo! hahahahahahaha! imma make a t-shirt — for my damn self! — that says? just that! i love trudy! she rocks!)

i’m ALL WOMAN! VAGINA FROM BIRTH! BEAUTIFUL TITTIES (they still ain’t droopin wtf?! that’s cuz, no hoe moment niggaz sittin over here pulling on them — jessica care less’ chest is rocked lmao!! and no kids have breastfed from them!) (but, i have a little ass :( lmao! good thing niggaz have no preference! they only see good women! lmao!)

(just because i’m a “masculine” woman, who does not normally wear dresses? or want to shave every fuckin day! and likes my clitoris — and my fuckin brain!!!!!!! — catered to! does not mean i don’t like men!! i am pretty straight! i love men! righteous — non hoe moment — men! with one woman only!)


this mixed chic? does not support or link with any black only hoe moment chics !!— talking that black only shit — zendaya!

you — come on! to righteousness! and don’t ever support that hip hop hoe again!!

you, didn’t know any better, as a child! but now that you do? i better not see you supporting shit that hoe does!! or that means you mixed, and confused as fuck!!, and you will get a 2X4 too!!

slave. labor. job! just like the rest of us! (or fall the fuck off! cuz cornrows? zendaya? are BLACK! for chics with nappy hair! like me! i have never stolen anybody’s words — or life — for a fuckin thing! that’s all you!! quoting jessica care less!! and her unrighteous hoe moment living!!)

you need some Alicia Keys! (which reminds me of my main homegirl, from howard! the fashion designer — ms. FIT — who speaks fluent spanish! from jamaica queens! alysha! i love her! so much! we used to hold hands! like same sex muslims! cuz we were very good friends! and people talked shit about us — on Howard’s campus! in 1991. we weren’t fuckin each other! we were very close homegirls! friends! and no, she’s not mixed! well, she is, kinda! but, she’s black! her grandmother, is from Boston! a nurse! who had “the machine”, to perform? “illegal” abortions! revolutionary! and regular ass people! lmao!)

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