my mom named me erica. i used to really dislike it. it was so, boring. and plain. and unoriginal. she told me she did it because she firmly believed that black and white people can live in harmony. with her idealistic wyt self. always seeing the greater good.

i believe it too. just like my super blk nana.

and, SHE made me. she carried me, and went through almost 3 days in labor to produce a fat ass baby that looked, well,

asian. with a full head of hair and eyebrows. lol

then my nana, gave me my roots. let me know how i would treat all people, regardless of how they treated me. with fairness, justice, and equality.

and that’s me ya’ll. you, can keep lying and cheating and stealing. that’s who YOU are. i’d rather do slave labor, pull my brn feet up by my blk bootstraps. and live with love for everyone. it FEELS better than always being mad.

(i like how deray does it. among others. except, i spell black, differently — for me. and for personal reason, it gotta be blk. cuz the black only chics who are really mixed? let me know, i was not wanted.

their loss.

basically, he fights our oppression. smiles a lot [he has the BEST smile], works in solidarity with all people of like mind, and does not cast out anyone. maybe it’s cuz he’s gay. maybe it’s cuz he’s dark-skinned, maybe it’s just cuz he’s a good human? i hope to one day meet him and give him a hug. and say thanks *tears*, teachers rock!)

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