And I don’t like that hoe, Jessica Care Less. Great poetry, I guess, I’ve heard better. More like — great marketing of herself by having hoe moments with men. Amiri Baraka to Talib Kweli and five fuckin husbands with no baby daddy.

A disgrace to the culture!

Horrible human being. Who read what I wrote, decided I was trash, and wanted to coopt my life. Starting with my married Somali ex. She played on my mental difference. As did dream hampton, her girl.

If you need any proof that this is dream’s m.o.? I Am Ali is all about a living breathing man — in so much pain, over her lack of compassion, understanding, sympathy. Anything!

Jeff Sessions! Lock that hoe up! It’s that or a trip to the psyche ward. And Asha Bandele, don’t ever sit your hoe moment ass, quietly befriending me, so you can stalk me on social media. Then run back to dream hampton, like the slave you are.

Dream Hampton is a sociopath, Ahi. She has no feelings. She has stalked me, since you told her about me, 20 years ago!

She is not an original. She is a woman who has fucked for everything she has. Including that job at the source. She’s no megyn kelly — for sure.

Those women are how I know that all black lives don’t matter. And I don’t do slogans. Bob Marley warned me about them.

They have damaged a lot of black people. Those 2 hoes. Hip hop hoes, disguised as artists. Absolutely nothing original. All of it, comes from other people’s ideas. Other people’s deaths.

I won’t be supporting their “art”.

I’m not getting a cut, even though 1/2 that crap comes from my mind.

No one they’ve stolen from is. #facts.

That’s them: except dream hampton don’t look like that no more. And Jessica’s face just looks old.

They worn out. They just look old.

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