and i don’t plan on dying. i’ve already been through that shit — for the last 3 years, sometimes daily, driving to “the bridge” cuz ya’ll really tried to crucify for me. for NO reason! it’s infuriating how some of ya’ll treat other humans!

ya’ll are the ones with the problem. fix yourselves. and stop abusing people because you have zero creativity or problem solving ideas after you cause a mess and wanna dump it on people who ain’t done ish. i just finished dealing with the devil. i’m hardly afraid that steve bannon’s role model — is satan. if he’s anything like that dude? he’s about to start picking off people in a wide racial demographic. ya’ll all damaged that man. and the truth is? he is one of the kindest, gentlest, human beings i’ve ever met! destroyed him!

steve bannon needs to go back to his roots of oppression as a working class american. and remember who his parents were, and what they taught him. which looks nothing like dick cheney. get some moderation! and stop going to bipolar extremes! (how you go from kennedy to breitbart?! lmao! he’s a mess! lol!)

jeff sessions needs to go back to his working class roots in alabama, and start figuring out how he’s going to deal with monsanto! mr. farmer dude! lol! where he lives in a city that actually had some little known semblance of racial harmony during civil rights.

and i need a vacation. with my boyfriend, who is immigrating to the US.

so tough!

(and mike huckabee wants steak, not tofu. which is his right! lol! i want tofu! the non genetically modified destructor seed kind!)

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