Under President Obama, the oxymoronic “war on terror”, expanded. I don’t think it’s correct to blame one man for this. He had to work in concert with others. After all, he wasn’t using his singular physical body as a bomb or anything.

This is an old article, but still every bit as relevant as a Malcolm X speech, post Mecca. Because, to limit Malcolm X’s voice by choosing not to focus on his growth as a human being — is blasphemous, and extremely disingenuous.

i LOVE her. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

You should read it. She is a beautiful writer, thinker, and humanitarian. All praises due to this “god[dess] of small things”.

I threw no fuel on that fire. Collectively, we’re putting it out with — water.

My intent was folks working together to address MASSIVE damage. When I realized their intent was to continue to cause massive damage with no acknowledgement of culpability, no sense of remorse, no feeling of regret. Then I blamed them for their — actions. Because that’s correct. If your actions damage innocent human beings then you should be blamed for them. Perhaps, even impeached (although to my knowledge? I don’t think Donald Trump has killed more folks than say, President Obama. And has not given a death sentence to anyone who is innocent. Like Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. Which makes him? A better human being, in my book.

What do you know about sociopathy and how you address sociopathic behaviors? Especially when those behaviors, and the lack of any willingness to address them, has affected millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of human beings. I’d be curious. Since you study human behaviors. And it makes no difference to me that you are a white person who does so. Thanks Caroline!)

Sorry “baddie” #1's aren’t going anywhere. Make sure you’re protecting yourself and everyone else! Jamaica got a lot of machetes.

(Try not to mistake baddie, with batty. Not the same word. Or, human beings.)

and, yes, i haven’t forgotten. the hiv spreading hip hop whores — 24 years ya’ll! — think i have forgotten. DREAM HAMPTON!! JESSICA MOORE!!


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