audre lorde *sister outsider* — my reality. some women, are more interested in patriarchal men. we know this, because when you reach out to them? they laugh and threaten you — with the police. these are the same women, who scream about police brutality and women of color. for writing truth to power.

another bible. for truly, marginalized women.

“Difference must not be merely tolerated, but seen as a fund of necessary polarities between which our creativity can spark” a.l.

audre lorde talks a lot about the intersection of differences. how it is at that place, the intersection of polar extremes, that true revolutionary change occurs. audre lorde had a white girlfriend she was madly in love with. lol


this is true.

(i wish my ex had read one black women writer. one black woman poet…considering all that exposure. but his dad kept him under lock and key. only gave him books, written by patriarchs. what my ex has done, is use a marginalized poet, put her to music, to make his point. “raindrop women”. she was another, duped by the poet…yes, we know what happened to those “raindrop women”, “unheeled”. i own the book. i bought it a while back. “the quiet ones”, those poems are in a collection entitled

*karma’s footsteps*, and really? none of this has anything to do with her. she was played.

i relate. schizophrenia ya’ll, is a beast. and when people ignore abuse and mental illness that results from it? it gets very very big. i’m only bipolar. haven’t reached that heightened state of internal consciousness yet. lol but damn, with all this abuse and bullying online. you never know…lmao!

what one reads? shapes perception and systems of belief. what my ex should have done? is never gone back to that house. he could have stayed with me. gotten the therapy he so desperately needed, like you — donald trump. you need a therapist. very very badly. but he’s got a good girlfriend now — like you have a good wife. and i’m sure, she’ll help him out. real reality. not online trickery.)

(both my ex and donald trump should not be worried about those “vampire women”. they do nothing for the benefit of others, unless their names are attached and it makes a profit — for their pockets only. i can guarantee, 75% of nothing, is going back to people in need.)

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